10 Unbelievable Boats Only The Richest Can Afford


Though you wouldn’t guess by its name,Superyacht A is anything but ordinary.

Named after its owners, Russian billionaire and wife, Andrey and Alexandra Melnichenko.


Superyatch A is a 400 foot long adult playground of water. It boasts the 2500 ft.² master suite and disco, along with six guest suites that can be converted for state rooms thanks to moving walls.



There are three swimming pools on Superyatch A, and one of them as a glass bottom that looks down on the four mentioned disco.


The ship can sleep up to 14 guests, and comes with a superyatch price of $323 milion dollars.




As of right now, the superyatch Epiphany is just a concept waiting on the right owner to fork over the dough in order to commission it

British designer Andrew Waugh pulled out all the stops for this 426 foot long superyacht.

The owners will enjoy their very own private level with a deck, Jacuzzi, spa, and cinema, while guests can enjoy amenities on the VIP deck.

Though Waugh believes the chance of the epiphany actually been commissioned is 1000 to 1, it’s a $600 million bid is willing to take.


The design of the superyacht Shaddai is breaking the mould when it comes to traditional yacht design. The brainchild of Italian designer, Gabrielle Terruzi, Shaddai was inspired by the human need to ascend from the ground shown in monuments like the Egyptian pyramids, and modern-day skyscrapers.


The Shaddai is designed to have a 125 foot high master cabin equipped with a bar, dining area and infinity pool.




This gives the owners a new view from the sea, and can let them feel what life is like at the top!


The Maltese Falcon is a hybrid between a luxury yacht and a racing boat.

The Maltese Falcon’s unique design was inspired by 19th-century clipper boats.


The three mast design is equipped with wind speed detecting sails that allowed the sheep to be operated by a single person.

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The 289 foot yacht has six guest cabins where 12 guests can enjoy many of the boats amenities.


The Maltese Falcon is a seed toy paradise with its collection of jet-skis wave runners and see boards.

You and your friends can enjoy the Maltese Falcon for the low low price of $400,000 a week.


One of the most outrageous superyacht concepts comes with a $1.1 billion price tag.

The superyacht named the streets of Monaco is true to its name as it has various monocle landmarks replicated on the ship.From the famous Monte Carlo Casino and racetrack, to hotel de Paris, this ship is a billionaire’s playground at sea.

And they are all located in the ships atrium, which is the center point of the ship. The master suite is a 4800 square-foot penthouse spanning 3 floors.

The only thing missing from this 500-foot superyatch is a billionaire owner.



Azzam is a 5900 foot superyatch that is owned by the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. He made sure to fully protect himself by owning one of the fastest yachts in the world.

Azzam also boasts it’s own military defense system, and fully armored master suite.


The Superyacht had a $650 million dollar price tag.


The Interesting design of Jazz was inspired by the fluid dynamics and underwater ecosystems. Jazz is the first of 5 yachts in the circle yachts family that were the spawn of a concept prototype designed by Zaha Hadid.



The prototype was designed for a 419 foot super yacht, but because of it’s unique dimensions and shapes, it needs more technical work before it can be built.

The 295 foot Jazz is sure to turn some heads in the mean time.

8. Skyback

The Skyback superyacht seems more like a cruise ship than it does a Yacht.

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Skyback has six decks and can accommodate 5 to 10 guests, with its five guests suites and staff of 25. The 262 foot long superyacht boasts more than interiors and is equipped with a spa, gym and private cinema.

It also features a retractable mezzanine that can cover and enclose the ship’s back deck.This means that guests can still enjoy a dip in the ships Pool without worrying about outside conditions.

If guests get sick of swimming in the heated pool with a push of a button it’s can be converted into a large dance floor.

9. Tropical Island Paradise

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own mobile tropical island, then look no further than superyacht tropical island paradise. True to it’s name and from the same people who brought you Streets Of Monaco, Tropical Island Paradise will make you feel like you’re one your own private island.

The master suite is located in a volcano equipped with waterfall that cascades down to the pool.There are 5 guest suite Tikki huts surrounding the pool on the main deck.

If you and your friends want to get closer to the sea, you can deploy a small island with their own cabanas at the back of the yacht .


10. History Supreme

The history supreme might not be the largest yacht in the world , it’s only 100 feet, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in decadence.

It boasts 222,000 Pounds of precious metals and stones. A thin layer of gold covers everything from the bottom of the vessel to the dining area, deck staircase, and even anchor.


The master bedroom has a wall made of meteorite rock, and features a statue made from genuine T-rex bones.

It has a 4.5 million dollar price tag and is said to be owned by a very rich Malaysian businessman.




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