King Sunny Ade’s Guitar Sold At A Record High Of N52.1 Million In A Nigerian Auction .

jaguda.comA new record in celebrity auctioning has been set by Nigerian music icon, King Sunny Ade when his vintage Fender Telecaster guitar, produced in 1950, was on Sunday sold for a whopping N52.1million.

The vintage fender guitar played by the famous Nigeria’s Juju music icon, King Sunny Ade,KSA, was  auctioned on  Sunday, at a musical concert that climaxed  the month-long celebration of the musician’s 70th birthday anniversary.

The auctioning of the glittering guitar which was masterfully designed by award-winning artist,  Victor Ehikamenor was done by  Dr. Jogun Onabanjo, Certified Auctioneer and Chief Executive of Onabanjo & Onabanjo and Company. It was the highlight of  the historic concert,  ‘Sunny on Sunday’, which held Sunday,  at Temple Balmoral Marquee,  Federal Palace Hotel Victoria Island, Lagos.

Dr. Onabanjo started the bidding from N9 million  and a very competitive bid followed closing at N52.1m. While the bid was in progress, the asking price for the guitar doubled to N17m under two minutes before exceeding the N50m mark in 15 minutes, leaving many in the crowd surprised. The winner of the auction is yet to be revealed.

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nationalmirroronline.netAn ecstatic Ehikhamenor said, “When you are given the opportunity to add a line to the history of a legend, you’d better ask God to take your hand and guide your senses. I’ve loved King Sunny Ade’s music for the longest time and his rhythm is one of the best companion in my studio when working”.

Speaking earlier about the guitar, KSA said, “Talking about my guitar which would be auctioned on the night to make the grand finale of my show, that piece is a part of the art. For the guitar to go into the art is a very good place for it to be. It is a symbol of art for me. I didn’t make it but it was for me and having possessed it, it should be an art piece that will remain for life. My guitar is my baby”.

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The guitar is the second that King Sunny Ade will be parting with after he recently donated another Fender Telecaster with shoes and a suit to the Hard Rock Cafe Music Memorabilia Collection at a ceremony in Lagos.

Onyeka eventually dramatized the event by starting off with a younger male vocalist for a stanza before Sunny Ade stood up and walked down to the stage. In a swift wave of disapproval, the youthful vocalist vanished and KSA paired it off with her, which drew loud ovation that raised the roof.

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