Never Knew There Are Still Some Good Decent Senior Police Officers In Lagos, Nigeria

answersafrica.comIf only we can have more of this decent admirable police officers in Lagos.

Lagos State Police Commissioner, CP Fatai Owoseni, on an impromptu visit to Agbowa Police Station, he looked through the cells to find out a nursing mother with her baby in there that was detained for stealing plantain at the local market. He warned the woman not to let such repeat itself again. In addition to that he gave the frustrated woman the sum of N10, 000. Many Nigerians have commended and applauded Commissioner Fatai Owoseni for his compassion and thoughtfulness. Acts like this are particularly striking as it has almost become a tendency to unleash harsh sentences and in some unfortunate cases, jungle justice on common people who most probably were driven to petty theft because of the economic frustrations in the country. While there is no excuse for criminality, releasing the woman with a cash prize is indeed sensible and humane.  Via

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