Nigerian ex-governor James Ibori released from UK jail ex-governor who is a convicted fraudster has recently been let out of prison. He was previously been detained at the pleasure of a Majesty the Queen of England.

His release was based on the condition that he accepted to be deported which he did. But it turns out the British government is not ready to deport him until he hands over £18 million which is the money he regularly gained from his criminal actions.

High Court judge stated attempts to detain him were “quite extraordinary”.

The judge ordered that James Ibori be immediately set free. Mrs Justice may stated “You don’t hold someone just because it is convenient to do so and without plans to deport them.”

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The Home Office of the United Kingdom submitted an application asking that James Ibori be electronically tagged and strict coffee conditions placed on him. But this was also rejected by the judge after’s lawyers argued that the Home Secretary was trying to abuse her immigration and deportation powers.

The barrister representing the Home Office said the United Kingdom government was concerned James Ibori might “frustrate confiscation proceedings” and would like to keep him locked up in jail or place strict restrictions upon him.

However it seems the Crown Prosecution Service pursuing proceedings against him were not bothered about Ibori’s release some possible deportation.

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Celebration In His Hometown

there are big celebrations in his hometown, Oghara, as a result of him being released. What move he makes next is not yet known as he and his supporters deliberate on his future plans.

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