Nigerians Reaction To The 2017 Budget… Lets All Hope It Will Be Managed Properly This Time

Some said they were confident about the president’s political will, while others predicted a robust economic outlook in 2017, with drastic economic reforms imminent. Stakeholders and economic experts in Borno on Wednesday have already  expressed mixed feelings over the 2017 budget presented by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Budgets are just guidelines in spending if you have and want to spend or proposals.

“In 2016, the government made a projection (budget) on income and expenditure based on a certain amount of crude sales. “Unfortunately, that is not realizable because of obvious reasons, fall in crude price which accounts for 80 per cent of government revenue.

But President Buhari said the 2017 budget would contain proposals and packages that would lead Nigeria out of the present economic recession.

Nigeria’s 2017 Budget.

The N7.298 trillion 2017 budget presented by Presented Muhammadu Buhari to the National Assembly on Wednesday, December 14, has been greeted by mixed reactions.

The budget sets a benchmark of N305 against the US dollar ($1) with 2.2 million barrels and a benchmark of $42.5 per barrel of oil, as against $38 in 2016

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As expected, Nigerians have already started talking about the budget. Some are hoping it will not be like the controversial 2016 budget. Others are wondering what impact the 2017 budget will have as that of 2016 had no positive effect.

These is what Nigerians had to say about the budget;

David Abumere Anetor wrote: “PMB, the man sent by God to rescue my dear country! I see light at the end of the tunnel. You may not see it, if you choose not to , the country is moving forward! Am happy the prices of food items have started to fall. I guess this is just the beginning of good things to come. Men are now returning to the farm. Soon, our agro-allied industries will be revived to take in this produce for processing. Contractors are back on all federal roads.! For the first time in the history of my great country, our President and vice president are God fearing and incorruptible! If you like see backwardness and hunger. What you see is what you get! I love PMB anD Osinbajo. #Nigeria is moving forward.”

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Eli Kal said: “2016 was budget of hope and we all witnessed the hope now 2017 is tagged recovery. APC will come out tomorrow and deny that it was called budget of recovery when the time comes. A budget that will be powered by borrowing base on optimism for a slight rise in crude oil which will lead to the rise in prices of everything because dollar is not available is bound to fail.”


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