Recipes For 10 Dishes Nigerians Use Reduce The Effects Of Alcohol And Sober Up Sharply

One of the favourite pastimes of a lot of Nigerians is going to a beer parlour to socialize. However no beer parlour visit is complete without tucking into some spice delicacies. Here is a list of the top ten beer parlour dishes Nigerians love to tuck into.

1. Catfish Pepper Soup (Point & Kill) | All Nigerian Food Recipes Catfish Pepper Soup (popularly known as Point & Kill) is that Nigerian pepper soup that is usually eaten in exclusive Nigerian bars and restaurants.

Even if you can get Nigerian Pepper Soup in any road side restaurant, you’ll need to dig deep to find restaurants where you can have the correct Point & Kill.

So why is it called Point & Kill? LOL Usually when a group of guests arrive at these exclusive bars and order Catfish Pepper Soup, at least one of the group will need to go to a big bowl where some live catfish are swimming around and point out a catfish. The catfish will then be killed in the guest’s presence and taken away for preparation. So you see; you point and it is killed for you! lol

Catfish Pepper Soup should always be served hot. It can be eaten alone with a chilled drink. I love to eat it with Agidi, Boiled White Rice or Boiled Yam. Catfish Pepper Soup (Point & Kill) | All Nigerian Food Recipes


2. Isi Ewu

Isiewu  translated as “goat head” is undoubtedly one of the most popular delicacies that  originate  from the Eastern Nigeria. Isiewu is an Eastern Nigerian classic for a reason. It is difficult to visit a local pub or joint and not find the food on the menu; also, no Igbo celebration is complete without mounds of this tasty, delicately spiced  traditional Igbo dish that is made with a goat‘s head. Via I ate a plate of the meaty soup, I could not but ask for more and I felt it would be nice to get the recipe from her and share with you on this platform. Isi- Ewu is made from goat head and I bet a bite will surely convince you to eat more.

Here are the ingredients that you need with instructions to prepare your own Isi-ewu at home. Follow the recipe/guide step by step and you are sure to make a delicious pot of Isi-ewu. Learn How To Make Isi-Ewu (Goat Head Meat Soup) At Home

3. Suya

Suya is a spicy shish kebab (skewered meat) which is a popular food item in West Africa. It is traditionally prepared by the Hausa people of northern Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, and some parts of Sudan (where it is called agashe). Suya is generally made with skewered beef, ram, or chicken. Innards such as kidney, liver and tripe are also used.The thinly sliced meat is marinated in various spices which include peanut cake, salt, vegetable oil and other flavorings, and then barbecued. Suya is served with further helpings of dried pepper mixed with spices and sliced onions. Suya – Wikipedia

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4. Asun (Goat Meat) Asun is a Yoruba delicacy that you will always see in the Small Chops section at every owa mbe.

Tasty meat cannot be over looked. If I am to choose between a bowl of ice cream and a bowl of tasty meat, your guess is as good as mine

Goat meat is sure one recipe that starts and ends a party these days. Learn how to start a party in your backyard with Asun. Asun (Goat Meat) | Foodafricana


5. Nkwobi: Spicy Cow Foot is simply cooked cow foot mixed in spicy palm oil paste. Nkwobi is often mistaken for Isi Ewu but they are not the same. Nkwobi: Spicy Cow Foot | All Nigerian Food Recipes





6. Peppered Snails made. Leftovers. Freshly warmed. Who cares?

On a toothpick. Or by hand.

Standing up. Sitting down.
By the dozen. Or half-dozen, belying your generosity. Not showing your greed.
A half-dozen, at the very least.
But one by one. One after the other.
Hard flesh, rubbery flesh, crunch. Juicy tentacles.
With rice. Delicious, freshly-boiled white rice.
And plantains. Simply fried. Not stuffed or peppered.
Peppered and spiced. No garlic butter. Just yet.
That’s France, not us.

By hand. Forget cutlery. And decorum.
You’d be hard pressed to find many things France and Nigeria have in common. Apart from me, of course – sworn allegiance to most things Francais and very Nigerian.

Think garlic butter and perhaps it might become clearer.

I know I’m being silly for the very title gives me away. Snails. L’Escargot. Of differing provenances and sizes but land snails nevertheless.

The Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese also eat some varieties of snails, from sea to land.
I love snails. I don’t forbid them. Thankfully. Like some people in southern Nigeria do.

And though I loveeeee snails, they require some processing before they are ready to eat. The good news is that each step is easy and the whole process can be broken up into ‘core tasks’ of Step 1 & 2, then perhaps 3, followed by 4. The choice is yours. read more at

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7. Beer meat‎BeerMeat‬ ……Who remembered those lovely savoury and Peppery meat they tie in little plastic bags then called Beer Meat? But they call it ‪#‎Suya‬ now .. Down South we call it BeerMeat. I used‪#‎MincedMeat‬ instead of ‘chopped’ beef. Amazing taste!! .. I am adding this to my “Nigerian Starters” recipes! VERY VERY Time consuming but totally worth it!!! read more at





8. Peppered Gizzard of the time, you get served peppered meats at parties. It is a Nigerian hosting staple. Even at joints, you have the choice of eating “stick meat” with a cold drink. We, Nigerians sure loooooove our meats, there is no denying. Lol I have already written about assorted peppered meats HERE. It is not often that you get to eat peppered gizzard, and we should eat more of it, as gizzard has its own charm and peculiar flavour. I call it meat that is not meat. That’s the carnivore in me talking. Yummy bites – Peppered Gizzards


9. Kilishi: Nigerian Beef Jerky (likewise Kilichi) is the hot Nigerian Beef Jerky, another blessing from Northern Nigeria. This is one of those Nigerian snacks that you can eat till your jaw torment you yet you won’t have any desire to stop. It is as a rule as dainty as 3mm. how To Prepare Your HomeMade Kilishi: Nigerian Beef Jerky – fashionly




10. Assorted Meat Peppersoup savory and spicy taste of pepper soup. Who does not like it? I have never met a Nigerian who did not or does not enjoy pepper soup. Some like it really spicy and some not so much. I don’t mind the heat of the pepper soup, as far as the pepper soup spice gets into to meat; and to achieve that, I always marinate my meat and let it rest before cooking the soup

No Nigerian party is complete without pepper soup. Even in the warmer seasons, we eat pepper soup  It is a  huge staple and also serves as an appetizer in Nigerian parties. Assorted Meat Peppersoup | Nigerian Lazy Chef

We hope you have fun trying out these recipes at home, and for all you beer lovers going out for a drink today we are sure you will definitely be tucking into one of these .


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