What This King Is Doing To Shell Oil Is Admirable

Shell sued in UK for ‘decades of oil spills’ in Nigeria

The King Of Ogali, in Nigeria is suing Shell to court In London United Kingdom. He wants them to clean up the mess they have created in his homeland.


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Water in the region is heavily contaminated with oil and benzene which is a compound known to cause cancer. This has heavily polluted the drinking water in the area.

Lawyers representing the King and his local community will argue in the case to be heard over three days how spillage by Shell has polluted the water and made life hard for thousands of fishermen who rely on the Niger Delta for food and their livelihood.

The trial began in British courts on Tuesday 22nd of November and is set to last three days.

“Let the shareholders of Shell who are residents of the advanced world, like Britain, let them see a representative of a kingdom that is being destroyed for them to have money,” he told The Associated Press news agency on the eve of the hearing. “That’s blood money.”

I really doubt the shareholders would care because a large majority of them have been aware of this problem for decades now.

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Shell argued that the case should be heard in Nigerian courts stating that it involves its Nigerian subsidiary SPDC. They states that SPDC runs a joint venture with the Nigerian government and the plaintiffs.

“If the Claimants’ lawyers are correct as to the existence of this novel duty of care, [Shell] and many other parents of multinational groups will be liable to the many hundreds of millions of people around the world with whom their subsidiaries come into contact in the ordinary course of their various operations,” the company said in its court argument.

“That would constitute a radical if not historic expansion of the law and open the floodgates to litigation on an unprecedented scale.”

But the king argues that he brought the case to British courts because you would be unable to get justice in Nigerian courts.

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The law firm in London called Leigh Day is representing the King. They not to long ago won the case while representing the Bodo community, in that case show was ordered to pay $83.5 million in compensation for the damage in their oil spills caused in 2008 and 2009. The original offer was $50,000.


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