Yaya Toure Don Enter Yawa… Banned For Drink Driving…. Uhmm But He Claims He Doesn’t Drink


Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has pleaded guilty to drink-driving, but says he had not “intentionally consumed alcohol”.

He has been given one of the biggest ever fines for drink-driving after claiming he unknowingly drank brandy mixed with Coke at a party.

Yaya Toure in a statement said

“The matter has now been resolved in court on Monday. As I was above the permitted limit when tested on the night, I decided not to challenge the charge. However, it was important to me that I told the court that I had not intentionally consumed alcohol. The judge in his sentencing remarks accepted that I had not been intentionally drinking.”

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In a statement released on his website Touré said

“I have always refused alcohol. Anyone who knows me or follows football will have seen me refuse champagne for man-of-the-match performances because of my commitment to my religion.”

“Drink-driving is a serious crime and even though I was not intentionally consuming alcohol I accept the ban and fine and I would like to apologise for this situation.”

So, the only real question now remaining (and it’s a big one) is how Toure was over the legal limit if he didn’t think he was drinking any alcohol. Maybe he was mistakenly handed drinks with alcohol in them? But for someone who doesn’t drink at all, wouldn’t he have noticed the difference? I’m all for believing Toure didn’t mean to get drunk, but I’d just like a little more information on exactly how he managed to drink unintentionally.Via soccer.nbcsports.com

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