10 Football Matches You Didn't Know Were FIXED!

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  1. If someone doesn't want to accept that their team and sport is filled with corruption, it's just wishful thinking.

    Everyone at the top is corrupt. FIFA is corrupt and so is UEFA. All the powerful and rich teams bend the rules to suit themselves whenever possible.
    It makes it easy for the referees to be corrupt, the national associations of each country and the players.

    Of course not every player in a match will be in on it, that's not how it works.
    You don't go about telling people about it unless you know they can be trusted.
    Sometimes it's the referees or just the players.

    Money truly ruined the game. It used to be about loyalty and passion

  2. this is why i havent used beting-sites for 10 years, and watched football for 5.. Havent watched football because of the money-doping teams. Its not fun anymore, players are only there for the money. You wont see team like Leicester winning the league anymore… I hope it will change though.


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