10 Nigerian Billionaires Whose Wives Are Young Enough to Be Their Daughter

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  1. Regina Ned is worst because she's the 6th wife.
    All of them are all regretting deeply. Bianca Ojukwu said in an interview when asked if she'll allowed her daughter to take same decision she took years back, she said no.
    I love late Ojukwu genuinely because of his love for his people , bold, fearless, educated, and how he singlehandedly fought Nigeria during the civl war for amost years. He was a great man.

  2. Can you find me one of these men? I would change the whole system free education for the poor new school emergency service free health care. Change the village to a more farm land cattle organic food. And create work.

  3. Yes girl u are living a very good life may god bless u and ur husband i wish i could have been there for ur wedding but my friend i very happy for u 😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘i miss u girl


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