10 RIDICULOUS Reasons Footballers Were Banned!

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  1. How can people defend assault. Hazard is lucky he is playing football again after what he did. If a normal person would have done the same they would get arrested. Hazard dont dare to attack someone that is his own size. And if you are 17 your not an adult so it is assaulting a child. I dont know how a channel of this size can basically promote violence.
    People who supports Hazard is not real men they are supporting child abuse. And dont even try to go with that he kicked the ball he was kicking against an underaged boy that is what matters

  2. The ball boy is the son of a club director and even planned to do what he did before that match and posted it to social media. If Chelsea had done that it would have been a fine and docked points etc, funny how it doesn’t happen to Swansea, a small pathetic excuse for a club.


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