3 suspected cultists including policeman killed in cult clash in Benin

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  1. Hakeem Odumosun u will never see peace or joy for lieing an innocent soul…till u die generation to come none of ur first born will ever know their father,for their one year birthday their father will die,and they will lie agains their father as a cultist just like the way u ternish Monday EHigie image

  2. People have have been telling me how corrupt is Nigeria I never believe until e happen to me,,,this Man U see is not a cultist the commissioner of police just lied again him in order not to compensate his family,I wish this guy his not married to my sister in will never believe is a police officer,he never Embarrassed or go to patrol,his work is to guard the person appointed to him,his very faithful humble and jentle,,even on his own marriage day he never called any police officer talkless of shooting guns,he was coming from work when the incident happened,the car that supposed to carry him and drop him could not make it,he has not choice to to chatter keke bcos that day was his second son 1year birthday,arriving to nomayo junction the car at is front dey we’re robbing them immediately they say him with his police trouser and boot,they went to him and collect his phone and wallet,they shot at him but he dodge he fired to 2 and kill them,when running with his back to hide he fell into gulter one of the boy shot his him in the the neck,the cp came to my house to show condolence,the next we see was rubbish his image that his a cultist not to pay compensation to his family…fuck the commissioner we don’t need ur money but to ternish the image of the innocent soul I will never go free…generation to come none of ur children will ever no their father


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