Ahead 2019: We Want People With Capacity – Peter Obi

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  1. This man is a unique business man with purely refined history of countries economy. All what he said about Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea is all truth.
    In fact, IMF stated few weeks ago that United state is now the country’ with highest economy followed by China and then South Korea. Useless South Korea of 30 years ago is now third largest world economy!
    Nigeria? Waste bin!

  2. I love this guy Peter. He's a father, but will Atiku give him upper hand above himself to run Nigeria or will he(Atiku) mess things up because he can't measure up to sir Peter at all.

  3. 419! When you were a Governor, how many schools, roads and bridges did you build ? You can preach your lies for those fools in your front. And where did you make your money from? If not from your State public funds.

  4. There's nothing good coming out of you all, as far as is Nigeria, evening angels come here Nigeria the we be corrupt. All of you is criminal politician's. Igbo is Biafra, we don't need Nigeria restructuring any more. Please

  5. I like Peter obi but he should stop taking about people who saw that our country is going down and came out to help. Sowore all the way. He is in the wrong team. Join sowore because he will be president 2019.

  6. 70% people in Nigeria theyare livingin hell. people are dying everyday no electricity no hospital and no government. Nigerian women are being trafficked to Italy under the pretence that they will be working as nannies or in factories. but often end up working the streets asprostitutes. i can testify nigeria's number onecorruptioncountry in this world. boko Haram kill people like a fly. Many poor families from across Nigeria, as well as neighbouring countries, enrolled their children at the school. 😏😏😏

  7. Africa governments is a joke. This is the right time for We to make changes 2019. Nigerian they don't have government they only have criminals politicians, whenever they steal the money they bring the money to Europe to develop Europe APC And PDP I think most people are crazy for wasting most of their lives hating People, hating their commute, and never doinganything that satisfies their deepest desires and values. Nigerian politicians are Bush people they are not intelligent.

  8. Peter you are a very brilliant mind. But its high time we ought to be sincerer to ourselves. Nigeria project is not working. After 60yrs it didn't work.give it another 60yrs it will still not work. Take a look at that conference Hall you are standing. How many Northern Nigeria's are there? I bet if there is. On the other hand, the Western Nigeria's who appears to be or agree with your approach or idealogy on addressing Nigeria project problems will be the first to betray or abandon you in the middle of it. So that says it all.

  9. If Moghalu doesn't win come 2019 elections, he'll be the best president Nigeria never had, please fellow Nigerians as a geopolitically sound Nigerian who lives in the UK, this is who Nigeria needs, Sowore maybe charismatic because of his affiliation with Abiola, we have to wake up and realise that he's not as economically sound to lead us to the promised land i.e. where Nigeria can not only survive but capitalize opportunities in a world without the need for oil. If there's anything he says you don't understand, word or concept please take it as an educational opportunity and research definitions and the implications. Nigeria needs to rise and Moghalu is the man for that job as President. Vote the Young Progressive Party (YPP) for a Nigeria led by competence and capacity.


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