Alleged cult clash in Benin claims life of young man

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  1. The problem in Benin is because Benin youths are jobless, the government should empower them, create jobs for the youth and some can even engage themselves in self employment. With these I think the youths will be too busy and they won't have time to look for who to kill. Thank you

  2. Very soon Benin Empire we breakout of the zoo called Nigeria. His going to be Edo kingdom, because since the white men came to our land they destroyed everything. Today I'm telling the world very soon we are going back to our peaceful kingdom. My greetings to Oba of Benin Kingdom…. We are not Nigerians because there is no time we can rule Nigeria as president…Abeg all the Edo youths to be come one and stop fighting your self, because the Biafras is going back home to their peaceful lands, and remember this, fulanis we come to our land to take over if care is not taking….

  3. Stupid people who don't think and can't realise that cultist does not pay or gaminate any good thing since the history of cultist rather pains, bloodshed and wasted future, who curt help?

  4. The only news that can be heard in Benin is either flood, cultist killing themselves, arm robber broke into people’s home and kill them , women kidnap for ritual, I don’t know what the governor is doing for real😞😞😞look at the way the governor of lagos state is trying so hard to build a better state for his people, but in Edo state is killings and burial of people loved ones all bcos of bad governor

  5. Some guys can b so foolish, uncivilized n futureless.All ur mates are busy working hard n looking 4 means of making a better future 4 demself n family, u are there caring guns n fighting an endless battle. those u killed today, killed people yesterday, meaning u may also b killed tomorrow n putting u family to serious pains n ur future cut short.


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