Atiku Abubakar visits Oba Ewuare 11 in Benin

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  1. Has Nigerians not tired of this corrupt, criminals politicians like buhari, atiku abubakar, apc, pdp party? ?I am a Benin guy, I hate why atiku abubakar, spending money to buy people in Benin. enough is enough, for this corrupt thiefs in Nigeria. I am a Nigerian in diaspora, I want my country / Africa to move forward

  2. Please we don't want Fulani President in Nigeria anymore, Atiku is as corrupt as corruption itself, you've stolen enough from Nigeria and you people are a course and parasites to us for too long.

  3. May you sleep the sleep of death Atiku or whatever the fuck your name is, what have you done for Nigeria and Nigerians? Dummy…….. opening your stinking mouth to talk about experience ? F.U.

  4. He sounds very old and weak,how on earth do nigerians think this man has the energy or vision anymore to run any country nevermind nigeria.Please edo people don't be fooled by their wivked charms,vote for youth for a change.Thank you.

  5. 8 years of experience but my little question is what can you say that you did for Nigeria but nothing you're here speaking nonsense God punish you old fools supporting criminals.

  6. Stop following this old fool's my great Edo people we no them before now they have nothing to offer than to kill the vision our future so we have to be wise a word is enough for the wise God help us all in Jesus mighty name amen

  7. if una wan enter, una go dey run follow all the traditional rulers palace, but una nor dey run come back again if una don sidan for the presidential chair, na Ogun oba of Benin kingdom go ask all of Una, fake people of Nigeria political leaders

  8. oga sir please go and sleep we don't need you oga we need youth to rule us ooo and that's omoyele sowore please allow us to take it back we are tired of your old experience go and use it for your children or your political party


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