CAUGHT ON TAPE: CBN Gov Emefiele And Top Officials Discuss How To Cover-Up N500bn They Stole -Part2

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  1. I have not being a fan of Sowere for reasons best known to me, but i am pleased to say i am proud of you. I understand the courage it takes to make this move but you did, it is just so painful we lack capable independent institutions that will complement your work. I know that soonest we will get there its just a matter of time. And lastly my advise for you is to start your campaign now if you actually want to be Nigeria president and dont wait till 2022 before you are out again.God bless you

  2. Oh gosh! What's the Nigerian President Mohammad Buhari still waiting for to arrest this few people involved.. they must put them in prison and killed them
    Sahara reporters thank you for your good job.

  3. Nigerians, grand corruption of this level has perpetuated in Nigeria since Nigeria's so-called independence from white rule only because Nigerians allow it to happen. Even worse, Nigerians defend and uphold those who behave dishonourably in their positions of power – as they play with your future, your welfare and with your common sense. Until the poor, the unemployed, the disenfranchised, the young and old stop fighting, kidnapping, cheating and robbing each other and then begin to organise themselves to target each and every corrupt politician (past and present) and begin to loot every single one of their properties in the land and do to them what they have been doing to you and your fathers for almost 6 decades, until you do this, nothing will change. Until you coordinate with Nigerians in the diaspora so that when they try to escape to Dubai, London and America, Nigerians in the diaspora will harass and detain them and their adult children. Until this is done consistently, nothing will change and it will even get worse.

  4. I think this conversation as suspicious as it sounds was about how to stop further depreciation of Nigerian currency. Shady? Yes. Criminal? No. The US did same thing in '08 to save the economy from financial collapse.

  5. Nigeria can never be redeem. If there's anything like recantation I will never pray to come back as a Nigerian. By the time Buhari leave power he would have headed the most corrupt government ever seen in this country. Papa God pls pick my calls.

  6. No country in the world wants your stolen money. Return the Money to the rightful owner, you coconut, Central Bank Governor Emefiele of NIGERIA ,cursed forever. The devil himself cant stand you. ignorance.

  7. Central Bank Governor Emefiele of NIGERIA stealing the Nations money, The whole world is watching. How do you sleep at night with an everlasting curse in your family. Wicked and Greedy Man.

  8. Apart from the fact that this shows the corruption of the leaders, it also shows that these people can't think, they just eat money but can't figure out a way to balance account. They are asking for solution and they keep replying we cant afford it now. Oga think of solutions. Its a shame that the people eating the country's money are dull

  9. Please why is this news?🤷🏽‍♂️ They’re trying to cook the CBN accounting books to avoid unnecessary economic panic. Anybody who’s knowledgable abt accounting will understand this better. This information shouldn’t be in the public. Agreed, the CBN is trying to cook book for the administration to avoid further depreciation of the naira. We’re all going to suffer the effects laslas.

  10. Omoyele Sowore is doing a fantastic job leaking all the high profile fraud going on in Nigeria but my fear for his life as he walks freely around the nook and corner of Nigeria is that the high profile people involved in the fraud may decide to kill him which is going to be disastrous to Nigeria as a whole because we still want him to rule the country as president. May the Lord absolute protection certain over him.

  11. Make we no lie..they are having such a difficult time finding a soft landing for their crime because Buhari has really narrowed the pathway for financial malpractices. I bet you, if it were Goodluck's administration, these niggaz won't sweat.

  12. I think you guys got it all wrong, they are finding a way to avoid reporting a negative growth. 500billuon was the money they thought they had from calculations which turned out to be only 130billion hence leaving them at negative interest except they get 100billion from FG to bail them. Listen again

  13. i can tell you from the way this emefiele sounds, pastor, alfa n babalawo r going to eat from this. the man no get liver for the crime he s involved lol. RIP NIJA..

  14. I spoke with a friend of my who is the head of the power sector here in india and he said and i quote. "500b can give Nigeria permanent and stable electricity"

  15. Nigerians you had chance elect better! Now you see your mumu self don’t turn into poverty! God gave you Sowore, Kingsley, Fela and so on but you elected the same people from the same bad coin…APC and PDP are the same!!

  16. This is among the reasons why Nigeria will not develop. Let me tell you guys, this set of people in Nigeria are above the law. Sahara reporters did a good job but Nigeria lacks institutions and system to bring them to justice.
    My heart bleeds for Nigeria.
    Where are those thieves involved in Dasuki case, I will tell you where they are – they are having fun.
    African fought for independence the wrong way. This is sad, the entire economy of a nation only work for 18% of the population.

  17. I don't get…the audio conversation makes no mention of 500 billion….at some point they're worried about foreign investors and there being a market panic…and asking govt for temporary funding to cover up some shortfall…I don't get…this sounds more like a challenge about foreign reserves conversation to me…anyway, I guess SR will shed more light going forward…


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