Chaos In The Nigeria House Of Representatives

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  1. Anyone involved in this shame should be recalled by his/her constituency. There should also be an immediate criminal law passed making it a felony to touch the mase, if you are not authorized to do so by law. Also the security in the assembly is slow and almost ineffective. Total disgrace to Nigeria. I know they are only fighting for positions because of the monetary gain, not to serve the people. That needs to be addressed also…

  2. APC , they are always violent , they are the boko haram , the way they are behaving and their President buhari , I pray they don't turn Nigeria to a place like Syria , because they want every position to go to the north. The west were so foolish to have betrayed the south south and East. And they will live to regret it.

  3. SIMPLE SOLUTION : Taking or seizing the Mace (National Symbol of Authority) should be a VIOLATION or CRIME . This act would CONTINUE UNTIL parliament AGREES to make it a LAW PROTECTING the MACE and the offence PENALTY would definitely be  a DISMISSAL. An offender  of such act should also face the Civil Court. 
    There are ways to RESIST if a group disagree with new appointment.


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