Commissioning Turns Sour As FCT Minister Suspends Fire Service

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  1. The Nigeria fire service are not always serious in anything they do they're after money they don't care i don't know why to get water is always difficult for the fire service men they like to see people houses and shops get burnt everytime they're disgrace shameless idiotic people

  2. I see why he's pissed. Lagos is growing and needs better apparatus than what I see there. A pot and a dresser? Spend some money on some of the used apparatus from here in the states. Fire departments retire apparatus all the time. That stuff you're working with looks about 30 to 40 years out of date. You need more apparatus like those that responded to the gas station fire.

  3. the Question is "WHY REFURBISHED" is the minister's car refurbished? is his house refurbished? is a life that worthless in Nigeria, these things are here to help save lives, EMSs( EMERGENCY MEDICARE SERVICE) AND THE FIRE SERVICE is there to help service lives and property especially in an environment where there is no property insurance!.. both the Minister and the director are incompetent, I bet there was a big budget for this but like true theives they stole the money and gave the public something that was thrown out by white men,
    there are trained EMS workers who are willing to go anywhere and train ppl the art emergency medical service, Ghana has ppl coming from the states to train. Nigeria is a sad situation.

  4. This is pure wickedness on the fire service commission! Little wonder why they have never been able to rescue properties or save lives in fire incident. We need more of this minister in Nigeria to make our country great again.

  5. What's a Pot doing their? I would have sacked anything sacking in them useless people! My question to Minister how much did that use of these rubbish! Let them all roit in prison

  6. It is only when people like Julius Opetunsin, is asked questions and we stop accusing government, rather, individuals. We can then move forward. Government is an amalgam of the good and the bastards. Only when the bastards are made to pay for negligence such as this.

    Do not forget, My Julius may have not been coming to work, asking staff who are not owed to manage the office, yet nothing is done. How do we expect such set to change the fortune of a country. The man deserves a sack as a deterrent to other lazy fellows.


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