Comrade Tony Kabaka-Adun insists property under dispute was legally acquired

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  1. I personally don't like what this govt is doing😥
    Kabaka is very patriotic, respectful, nice and humble since last week. Please Uncle keep it up even after the demolition of your hotel, u can build another hotel when oshomole is elected as governor again in the next generation🙄🤒

  2. What a disgraceful an understatement from Tony Kabaka not even only Gorvernor Obaseki he directly insulted the entire people of Edo state bcz we know what it takes to intensify of the conflict the first citizen of Edo state for that reason he must be disciplined according to the law abiding' and also hope there's someone behind him and it's very big shame to see the APC divided into 2 places in our holy land as for me I will not be happy enough if nothing is done to clarify this very abominable abuse to we idigines of Edo land no one knows who is next Tony kabaka you are more and less known as Mr money miss road bewise and get ready to dance to your music enough is enough⚓🤘

  3. I don't understand why ITV profiling this stupid guy.. Tony is well known criminal and a murder. At first place he should be behind bar where he belong.. It clear the crook ass hotel fence entrenched to the road and it must be put down.. We can't have a gangster like Tony to hold the state ransom..

  4. Your end has come idiot. Where are the people that supported you to be insulting a seating govern-know matter what? I said it and I know you will end up pushing willbaro to sell yam at the time they finish dealing with you .First you will use all your life savings to pay lawyers and remain calm till the day of the demolition. No body born of a woman insult a seating govern any where and go scott free mumu . Even your God father Adams can’t even dear it, they only speaks in riddles. See all the suppose stupid voted law makers today how is market for them? It doesn’t matter if he comes back for second time or not. But his one week remaning can cripple you forever. So be fooling your self fool. Can anyone in Edo insult your family’s kabaka with his or her real face and you know the person go scott free?

  5. When you finish insulting our governor let us know,and if the Benin,s only are the Edo state you we tell us,you are insulting the number one citizen of the state ,you think any traditional ruler can save you if the governor wants to act,for your information the governor has the power to dethrone any traditional ruler in his state


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