Coutinho AND Dybala to join Spurs? ► Daily News

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  1. I guess Rooney wants to retire from playing but stay in football and this job is either the only one he's been offered or he just wants to start small and not jump straight into the difficult premier league football.

  2. Heard that Rooney wanted to wrapped up his season in the mls first and join in the January window but the family not being happy in the US expedited the decision to return to England rather sooner. Also Derby is giving him a better way to join into working in management which is something he wants to do.

  3. Dembele is certainly not a bad transfer when he has been fit people started telling he is better than mbappe(which I believe he is) he just has been very unlucky with injuries, let him play a full season u will see his skill, Coutinho has been a failed transfer till now because of Valverde , he hasn’t been played in the right position yet, Neymar too has been unlucky with injuries..


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