Coutinho? Malcom? Messi? Who starts in Barcelona starting XI this season?

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  1. Barca don’t play 4-2-3-1. It’s either 4-3-3, like Valverde said he would start implementing this season or 4-4-2 which he used last season with Suárez and Messi up front as strikers.

  2. Its almost the same as the German Channel.
    They had Messi at the right Spot,Dembele left and Couthinho at the center.

    Barcas First XI is very predictable i think.

  3. Dembele is not needed. He too weak and even Messi and Squarez said they dont want him starting 3 front.

    Striker: Squarez

    Forward: Left Coutinho, Right Malcom, Middle Messi

    Mid: Busquets, Vidal

    Defense: Roberto Pique Umtiti Alba

    Goalie: I would be Ciliesen, people rant on how good Ter Stegen in, he is not good, its just that he has not had good shots to save, Cilliesen is a better goalie.

  4. Messi and Suarez can rotate the Central Striker position.
    Messi and Malcom can rotate the Right Winger position.
    Coutinho and Dembélé can rotate the Left Winger position

    Rakitic, Busquets, Coutinho and Vidal can rotate the Midfield.

    Dembélé can play everywhere.
    Messi can also play in the number 9 position behind Suarez as the Spear Head Striker.

    Depth and quality all over. Good team !!

  5. Very unproffesional. This video is about Barcelona and he starts it off with CR7. Also great comeback against Juventus? few years ago? You must be thinking about Juve all the time because of CR.


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