Crazy Stories of Nigeria's Sex Workers “Olosho”

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  1. Look at the way guys give examples with themselves girls are just excluding themselves as the saints but they are the ones dating married and older men… Men who are of age to be they're grand father 😏

  2. This is just sickening and I don’t know how in the world this crap is allowed to be published. Just a bunch of low life kids disrespecting hard working girls who are only trying to make ends meet.

  3. And they wonder why men don’t respect women they don’t even respect their own selves where are the feminists helping them get off the street . Classes – aids and no aids

  4. Here is the fact. Everybody is a prostitute. If you are working for someone to get money, then you are prostitute. Don't limit prostitution to only sex workers. Married women, girl friends, husbands, boyfriends, fiancee etc. are all prostitutes one way or another. They are doing something for money or material comforts.

    It doesn't matter what position you are or what type of work you do, you are a prostitute. We just had series of elections recently and all the politicians prostituted themselves in front of us, the people, to get elected. When I go to work everyday for me to get paid. I am really prostituting myself to my employer or my boss. Nobody is immune. We are all prostitutes. Think about it. Don't look down on anyone. Just protect yourself. #harshreality

  5. M’y friends say that at least 90% of Nigerian women married or not have been or are doing olosho!

    I’ve found that Nigerian women are easy to chat up!! Here in uk or USA – very easy and Nigeria -?you don’t need to try at all! Not disrespectful just saying and I love my naija babe! They are very broad minded these days!!

  6. I'am not Nigerian but I'am an African .I went to Nigerian last last year 2018 juin and landed to abuja,MAITAMA area and I've actived my Tinder Apps to find a girl, directly i fall in one of he girl which is all ugly but due off the filter of her apps she made her pictures as she's the real one she is almost 35 years and she aploaded a picture of girls of 25 years.we established a relation i invited her in one park around wuse i still remembered and after some times she made order of many things then and after that i told i would love to see some beautiful view of hills or mountains.she took me somewhere and suddenly it was raining I haven't know that i was behind her room in one area i don't know how to explain that very very very deep awful place and after behind there i can't go back i told her i wanna go the hotel she said they will cut my neck and she said i have to give her,all what i have.i was using google map to actived my loction if they kill me and trying to look for UBER CAB i couldn't find one of them in the particular area.she checked my wallet and she took my nigerians currency and my dollars currency all.she let me wallet empty and she accompanied me. the place was like a prison has boundary and huge length around 3 Am,So guys Never believe or trust Nigerians girls through TINDER or so APPS Accept when they are near by your hotel and take the appoint with them a day around 12 or 1 afternoon.i had very bad souvenir about my vocation if i wasn't African it could be more worse than this..Bad EXPERIENCE ABOUT NIGERIANS TINDERS GIRLS


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