CVL: Public Discussion On Anti-corruption And Accountability In The Electoral Process In Nigeria

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  1. First of foremost we need to know the exact population figure and a proper data accessibility before the distribution of resources and wealth can be effectively ascertain

  2. Africa's in power are the cause of problems in all Africa's land.They don't have one love and unity they can never have good life.Because they are all living in their self Interest only.What a shame.

  3. The elephant in the room no one sees is the poverty of colonization. We're not English and we'll never be English.

    When are we going to start using our local and pre-colonial tools to rescue our people? We live on the richest continent in the world but, here we are talking about poverty?

    Stop being a colonized slave, do for self – everything we need is in Africa – and we'll solve the poverty challenge in a couple of years. Sigh.


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