De Bruyne? Hazard? Lukaku? How Belgium will line up at the 2018 World Cup in Russia

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  1. This is hilarious.
    Vertonghen has well proved himself, he's top 2 CB's in the PL ffs.
    Dembele is one of the best mids in the World.. and Martinez loves him.. he'll start over Witsel.
    And Batshuayi won't start a game.. be lucky to play an hour & they'll make the top four.

  2. Martinez should have settled his dispute with Nainggolan bcoz midfielders r very important. Just bcoz he has very good attacking players that should not blind him. Argentina has always had amazing attackers but the team don't win anything. Midfielders do so much work n they end up with suspensions n also rotation due to getting tired. If Martinez had Nianggolan, Witsell,Dembele n fellaini to choose from that gives him so much advantage. Also this routine of playing De bruyne as a deep lying midfielder will not work just the same way it failed when Mancity played liverpool n Monaco. Belgium can easily play a 4-3-3 n beat any opponent

  3. Despite their depth of quality players, I do not think Belgium will go far. There are nations in the world that just simply know how to win world cups, despite the quality of the team. Belgium is not one of them. Who will win? I say Brazil will win, simply because they took it up the ass in their own back yard 4 years ago and have a serious point to prove.

  4. what I don't understand about martinez is that this 3-4-3 switches to 4-3-3 pretty easily, but they haven't played a single game like that… with de bruyne on CM this season at man city, and dembele playing a really superbe season at spurs, and hazard being as happy as he is on the left wing at chelsea… I reaaaaaaally don't GET it that they didn't train on 4-3-3 man city style… because the last 2 years it became clear that the team should be built around DE BRUYNE, and not an 'all 11 are equally important explanation'… NO team has equal players… and IF martinez had a brain instead of favouritism, he would've put nainggolan on the world cup sheet as well… because with witsel on 6 (he does bring a lot of balance as a disciplined 6) and de bruyne on the 'second 8' next to a more holding dembele or a more cutting nainggolan… we would have one of the stongest midfields at this moment in time with hazard and mertens on the wings…
    instead we have NO nainggolan, a bunch of pussies who either sat on the bench all season (thielemans) or played a horrible season (dendoncker), a chadli who hasn't played a damn game lately for a relegated west brom, and a benteke who couldn't hit a blade of grass this season…
    martinez is a f*cking wanker!

  5. Witsel is an absolute topplayer. It's no coincidence that all coaches put his name first on the board. On of the best defensive midfielders in the world. Unfortunately, his choices for money rather than ambition, makes him hated by a lot of fans and press.


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