Dr. Damages Episode 178: Buhari Wins And Dr. Damages Is Depressed

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  1. ok people lets be a bit supportive.
    Dr. D has never let us down before. Expectations are high and i can understand. The elections have been a very busy period and remember beyond doing the Dr. Damages show, Rudolf Okonkwo has his primary job @Sahara as a reporter, and has been covering the elections and conducting interviews. Lets please be patient with Dr. Njakiri we wont let us down… 🙂

  2. c'mmon people dont tell me you don't get this episode!!!he's just recovering from the loss of his potential host,just like you broke up your relationship,definitely you might as well break down before you can carry onto next moves!!Now Oba @his peak…let wait and see..Dr Njakiri Damages ..Tell them not to be a scapegoat …***rotfl***

  3. Dr. Damages, come on for real, you mean your fan waited two weeks for this. old boy Pdp went down must you go down with them also.. come on give us something entertaining and informative…


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