Dr. Damages Show ep 368: Dr. Damages in Lagos for Nigeria's election

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  1. Doctor i'm also in Nigeria now(in Lagos precisely)and i want to say that so many people here believe so much in PDP or APC and will tell you that all other parties are wasting their time as they won't be given a chance and that they're incapable of handling the affairs fo Nigeria,and i'm like seriously?don't they know these two parties are the same people?smg
    While so many don't have their PVCs,so many blieve that going out to qeue at a polling station to vote in an Election that the votes never decides,is one putting his or her life in danger or at risk of Election violence,so the government is left to decide who wins.a lot is going on here.so sad

  2. In retrospect: Who, among the past leaders and aspiring leaders, excluding the SOWERE, has not allowed innocent people to be killed even while they were carrying a peaceful protest just to avoid being removed from their hypocritic positions of, "Eating from their masters crumps?"
    Even if JESUS CHRIST comes to become the president of Nigeria, either he will be subjected to cabals or they will kill him the second time!

    Sowere has shown by capacity and will power that he's fit to handle Naija problems but how is he going to handle the owners of the company called NIGERIA? What magic will do to beat the CABALS and what OATH OF PROMISE THAT HE'S NOT GONING TO BECOME A STOOGE or gets recruited like the leaders of past

    My only advice is for every sincere, genuine countryman, including you Dr Damages and Sowere, my only tested and trusted alma mater, should critically listen to Tony Nnadi's presentation of the nigerian problem and make it our foundation base.

    Whoever SHOULD GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD KNOWS OUR PROBLEM and should be allowed to lead

  3. I always love individual's position in the Naija issue but ONE THING IS CLEAR FROM THE ONSET: To vote, not to vote or who to vote cannot be the important thing to liberate ourselves in this country. Voting has never solved any problem in Nigeria and can never.

    Any sincere, genuine and pragmatic naija mind knows this and SHOULD NEITHER VOTE NOR WORRY whether he has pvc or whether there's election or not. Our focus and concentration should be on foundamental issue that we have never had a country.
    If Ojukwu (the most trusted patroit of our time) who at Aburi Ghana, discussed how we could have acountry but the agreement was not allowed to see the light of day? Is it all these appointees of the Fulani Oligarchi's company called nigeria who, "By loyalty" will serve the interest of there Oga Cabals, that will be allowed to succeed?


  5. The person who say there is no public toilet in Lagos is crazy maybe the don't ask that him won't to toilet that is why is talking rubbish because if you enter Lagos from KETU MARKET to MIL 12 MARKET if the person enter there he we she public toilet there and the person we pay money to use it oooo

  6. I am a Nigerian but i just get this hot water boiling in my belly each time i hear anybody from Nigeria talking about God in any statement. Like only God can give me a good job. Nigga shut the fvck up! Only God knows who will win the election, #NONSENSE isn't that what the electoral process is about?

  7. GOD'S PRESIDENCY: The only viable option for Nigeria.

    By Iherue Chibuike U. (2/15/2019)

    *BUHARI have lost the required mental and physical fitness/comportment to govern Nigeria. Obviously, he is NOT an option for me in tomorrow's Presidential election.

    *ATIKU is fitter than the former and will try but would need God to make even the slightest positive impact owing to the disjointed Nigeria's political system and governance setup.

    *DR. REV. KING will automatically make Nigeria rejoice because "when the righteous is on the throne, the nations rejoice". More than ever before, our country is gifted a real choice between governance by Men who would ask God to help them succeed AND being governed by Jehovah El'Shaddai himself; in the exact manner God DIRECTLY ruled the olden day Israel through prudent & upright men like Moses, Joshua and David when the nation's prosperity knew no boundaries.

    Therefore, a vote for NATIONAL ACTION COUNCIL (NAC) and DR. REV. KING is a conscious choice of God's direct leadership in Nigeria. VOTE WISELY!


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