Dr. Damages Show – Episode 370, Election fever grabs Nigerians

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  1. Ahhhh my Broda, yellow fever nko? inflation fever nko? corruption fever nko? election fever nko? gulible fever nko? tithe fever nko ? …Ahhh second bass ojare…..Security fever nko? natural resource fever nko? boko haram fever nko? snake fever nko….. U dis my broda, u dont know anything at all

  2. I see the reason why fela sang I sorry sorry ooo, I sorry for Ni g eria! Majority of the citizen are still leaving and think as of the days of the stone age. Is a pity! People are still talking about evil Buhari, despite the hardship, wanton destructions of lives and property almost all the states in the glorified Zoo called Nigeria, by henchmen and the shielding of the most notorious criminals and thives by the present government, they are still talking about fighting corruption. Oh my God! Is Nigeria cursed or are they hypnotized?

  3. Nigerians are so unbelievably ignorant in every sense, no wonder Trump called Nigeria a shit hole country.
    How can people claim that they're voting a party that can't event elevate the situation of the country (things are getting worst by the day), claim that corruption is being fought when not a single politician has been jailed after 3 years in power, the security situation of the country is nothing to right home about, people being butchered and properties destroyed, yet these people claim they have a sincere government. There is obviously no redemption for Nigeria.

  4. Dear Doctor Damages,

    I'm either going deaf – Jah forbid, or the sound quality of this episode sucked.
    Kinds regards.
    Phemy (pron. Femi as in 'feminist)

    Ps. I would have given you a 'thumbs up" otherwise.

  5. Who did this to us 😭😢😤🥵 So my fellow Nigerian citizens will still suffer for next for years….I swear if Sowore didn’t get there, I’ll not send WU or Wave nor my foot in Nigeria for next four years….. Born to suffer pple….. it’s a shame

  6. That old fool is confused…. Dr Damages, you shouldn't corrected him. He wanted to say he will vote fore shagari but u corrected him. To u guy with Jersey, thank God Chelsea exist, you would have gone out naked. Idiot! You never seen anything. God will shock you this time. AAC FOR LIFE


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