Elisha Abbo weeps, apologises to Nigerians

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  1. I've been seeing cows but this is the biggest of them all. Wadahek! Apology speech written by his PA saying blunders. Now I understand why there must be a hell because some people need a place of abode where their brains needs refining with fire.
    Why won't the panel plan on suspending him? He should step down.
    Hear him say he stood for those who couldn't stand for themselves, with what?

  2. Badly scripted appolgy.
    Why didn't you applogise to her when she reported to the police station and nothing was done because she is just one of the masses while u are a senator.
    It's when you knew there is a video and it has gone viral that when u trying to make damage control.
    The girls that u stepped into the sextoy store with and u were trying to impress them and feed ur ego are probably laughing at u now .
    Just be ready to face the music

  3. With our mentality, i think Nigerians are endangered species. Such arrogance as exhibited by this fellow is rampant.
    We are obsessed with power and too quick to say " Do you know me?" "I will show you" etc
    This man is only sorry that he is foind out.
    How can you beat up someone wrongky and still arrest her ?
    How can you be calling the cops and disallow the victim to inform her parents ?

  4. This is an absolute disgrace to people who are expected to be leaders and examples to be emulated.In addition this is an individual who the young generation will look to following.

    In my view i do not think we should condone any of this senators action and listening to him he states he is also an ambassador for Christ but did not demonstrate neither any christlike actions and attitude so not only a disgrace to tbe body of christ but also to the nation.

    I strongly suggest he steps down and be trained on how to treat people as his conduct demonstrates abuse.


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