Femi Kuti To Sowore: You’re The Kind Of Candidate I’ll Endorse

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  1. I am baffled why educated Nigerians will not want to vote this guy Sowore? I am more shocked by the number of educated elites in Nigeria wanting to vote for incompetence n corruption. 90mil Nigerians in poverty and they still want to vote APC n PDP. Gush u people are insane.

  2. The great Kuti's thanks for your great support for our amiable President .Femi ,agreed you senior our President in age but not age matter my brother( Femi) all we are saying is that he can do the job let's continue to support him and to sister Yeni thanks for your support.Love you guys Nigeria go survive

  3. Baba Femo you're too much.
    Thanks for being truthful. Your family has always fighting for justice and the wellbeing for all of us. We must win this election.
    Where is my Nija fone make I bigin dey call dem again. We most win oooo!


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