Fine Boy works as Nigerian Barber for a Day

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  1. Do they usually soak the combs and clipper guards in germicide?That kills parasites, ringworm and HIV transmission from one person to another…But I do like how they "wash" the hair for the customer…In America most places will cut the hair, dust u off with the brush, spray some oil sheen on the hair, a little alcohol around the edges and out the door u go…

  2. You couldn't do this in the US. To become a barber is highly regulated. You have to take courses, intern and pass a state administered test to get a license. A US barber would never let an unlicensed person cut someone's hair in their shop. They could get sued or lose their license.

  3. I love Batta Box, I am Nigerian but was born in England and haven't had the pleasure of visiting my home country yet. These videos give me an insight into what life is like in Naija. Well done Bolly, you did a great job 🙂 xoxo


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