FOOTBALL (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 230)

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  1. Emmanuella's act attracted me into mark Angel comedy, that comedy that she was answering to the land lord unbehalf of mark that mark is not around and that he just told her and everything he signals her she will tell the land lord hahaha and the way she stands and curves her waist hahaha. And when she advised him to go to the toilet poopoo hahaha. But now it appears that my aunty success is already stealing my interest oo because her own is just action-action all the way hahaha if you try her she go show you kawai hahaha and the way she said fine girl and Emmanuella said her own low cut . Shaa I like you guys keep it up ok . I have virtually watched all your comedies 7 to 10 times I love it

  2. A person who says he is a Lunatic manager and security officers threw him into dirty water, is now person now a manager and then he said he will sack the security officers and he said he is going to sack a man because he says he works twice a week


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