General Muhammadu Buhari's Speech At The APC's Convention

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  1. Nigerians please quote me! We are yet to have any candidate, that we can call a leader. Not 1 candidate! May God save us from all these men who say one thing and do another thing. We are being ruled by the likes of IBB as far as I am concerned.

  2. I laughed at "I will create jobs". btw where is his school cert? if in this day and age in the 21st century some Nigerians could boldly go to the polls to vote for this man as president, It will be just PATHETIC to say the least

  3. This man is a STARK ILLITERATE. Sounds like a Somalian and can't speak without reading a script which he doesn't do a good job at . Couldn't understand half of what he was mumbling. Shameful!

  4. It is God that appoints leaders to positions of authority. He uses whatever means to do that. Let pray to God to give us another leader IF God has not finished with Dr. Goodluck Ebele Johnathan. If God has not finished with him, there is nothing anybody can do. I remember that we can no longer spend 4 hours at Ore. I remember that I see trains at Oshodi with thousands of Nigerians loaded both inside and outside, I remember that Agriculture is now booming in the country. I remember that young Nigerians are given grants to own and establish businesses(You Win). I remember Apapa – Oshodi express road now is fantastic. I remember 12 Federal Universities being created to cater for 1.5 million JAMB candidates in Nigeria, I remember hundreds of 1st Class Nigerians sent to top world universities for PhD to fill vacancies in the new universities. I remember Ibadan – Lagos express road. I remember Lagos Murtala International Airport(with AC, foreign exchange points, toilet and water facilities, customs and immigration points, etc). Well, if God says that Dr. Goodluck Johnathan does not deserve a 2nd term with all his efforts, then we will see. He is not from my palce, I am not a politician, but just to be fair and not partisan.  LET GOD HAVE HIS WAY. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  5. Buhari is 75years old,rumor has it that he exhibit symptoms of Alzheimer disease. Seems like a true analogy because dude can't remember or recollect any divisive statements from the past and that to me depicts a man without integrity

  6. Mofax Zulu this is for you and my question to you is what gives you the audacity /temerity to make such an outlandish comment.Better check yourself ,its my prerogative and right to express myself in the most civilized of manner.Eat kaka

  7. This is for Kabiru Abdul, another APC loyalist thug blabbing about intricate matters way above hid league.Buhari will never rule Nigeria, He is too old and dumb to even be a mayor ,or local government chairperson. What gives him the temerity/audacity to seek power once more,We are baffled by Kabiru's assertion and find his childish remarks funny.

  8. BUARI is old and one of the cabals that destroyed Nigeria ,In-fact i do not know what gives him the impetus to come and contest in democracy while he dethroned democratically elected government of   Shaigari .If i am God i will punish this man for coming out to contest while he rejected and dethroned democracy and took over as  military head of state

  9. When next they tell you Buhari will Islamise Nigeria if he becomes the president, tell them they are senseless; that no democratically elected president can Islamise Nigeria.
    When next they tell you Buhari is too old, tell them you prefer an old man with a purpose than a youth without a focus. You may even ask them that what benefit did the youthfulness of Dimeji Bankole who became the number 3 man (Speaker of House of Representatives) at the age of 37; James Ibori who became a governor at the age of 41 and Lucky Igbenedion who also became a governor at the age of 42 brought into the system.
    When next they tell you Buhari is the sponsor of Boko-Haram, tell them they have gone nuts. That they used the same propaganda to campaign against the man in 2011, so why is he still walking the streets while the menace Boko-Haram is burgeoning and the president has not ordered his arrest?
    When next they tell you APC is more corrupt than PDP, tell them “no matter how good they are in mathematics, they'd never be able to add up the sins of APC and arrive at the report card of PDP since 1999. Logic and common sense will always be their undoing in such a mathematical venture”. (Credits to Pius Adesanmi)
    When next they tell you about Buhari’s human right records during his 18 months sojourn as a military head of state, tell them he is not coming back as a military head of state but a democratically elected president and that does not erase his sterling anti-corruption credentials which is what Nigeria badly needs at the moment.
    When next they tell you that it is wrong for Buhari to be hobnobbing with the likes of Tinubu, Atiku and co, given his toga anti-corruption; ask them if they voted for him when he decided to go it alone?
    The change is here!!!

  10. Getting into will not transform one overnight, neither will it transform a life of failure.Rather,seek knowledge, educate yourself in that way inshallah shall one be free of misogyny, nepotism, tribalism, our greatest issue as a nation and stupidity which blinds / blurs visionary mind.

  11. Buhari is incompetent to lead Nigeria.He is a divisive figure,a man with aspirations of transforming Nigeria into an Islamic State.Ever since he had been out of office, in what ways did he lend credence to Nigeria? How many benevolent or charitable work had he championed? What is the agenda of APC or their vision?Absolutely none,but blowing hot air.One more thing,I recommend Buhari gets tutored or schooled on the proper usage of verbs and adjectives.


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