Griezmann to pay his own 120m release clause?! ► Daily News

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  1. Messi is a ridiculous clown. There was a time I had respect for him but for years now he is just a sore Loser. If he and his team are not good enough: Deal with it. Not everything is a conspiracy against you. When his career was going well and he was winning trophies all was well and he acted nice. But as soon as he loses its alle the others fault

  2. Don't talk about the Egypt I swear I don't want to think about it again

    Cairo stadium which has 80,000 seats where FULL OF Egyptians before the match from 7HOURS to watch their team loosing and not even looking for the fans 😠😡

  3. South Africa played well against Egypt. Hlanti had Salah in his pocket. Let me say this as a South African.

    SMS Shake my soul Thembinkosi Lorch scored the winner. Him and Percy Tau are our best players. I told you Percy Tau would kick ass. Bring on Nigeria on Wednesday. Yes we suck at football but we knocked out one of favourites and humbled them. 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  4. Dunno what's worse people failing to see that Argentina stagnated because they failed to make a backup team without messi or people caring more about messi winning than the argentinians for their home country. No wonder there's so many plastic and glory hunters, supporting players more than a team and no loyalty whatsoever,modern fans I guess

  5. Messi fans boy will keep talking trash no matter what, they just don't have the brain cells to realize that Messi is the person that cause Argentina in tournaments and take my word Messi will never win an international cup in his career.

  6. You have the proclivity to find excuses for Gabriel Jesus' conduct and yet have total disregard for Leo Messi's once in a lifetime's outburst given the myriad of 1,000's of unwarranted career ending tackles & bulldog abuses even banned in rugby which are mostly and usually from very, very useless and unskilled players ,,, which in truth, really does confirm your unfounded lopsided hypocrisy and lack of football knowledge thereof!!!
    Which is why very few people bother to view and subscribe to your posts. Introspect and reevaluate ,,, that will be my suggestion in the interim.

  7. If he paid the money from his pocket, that's means he can leave anytime he want without barca stopping him but it's not fair barca should step up and paid the money, seriously barca are letting him down, I don't know why barca transfer always like this,it's was also like this against continho

  8. Who the hell are you to say that messi should have not say that and what the fuck do you mean, messi has 100% right to say that and he has to say it because Argentina should have won the Copa America this years but the ref and Var ruined it because they are so jealous to messi winning the trophy with Argentina, I love Brazil and Brazil is my favourite team from my childhood but I still felt like Argentina should have won the copa America this year if the ref and VAR don't corrupt Argentina


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