How The June 12, 1993 Presidential Election Won By Abiola Was Annulled-Prof. Humphrey Nwosu

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  1. Even before now I believe and think it is very fair to give Prof. Henry Nwosu the national honour of GCON for creating Voting Option A4 which is rig-proof for Nigeria. The elder should be paid all his entitlements to date by President Muhammadu Buhari since he is voted for, to clear the rot of many years of misgovernance in Nigeria. He should please do this honour for this great Nigerian and those who served with him in this noble project. This type of injustice makes God angry with a nation. President Buhari, please act to take away this evil from Nigeria. It is clear that Gen. Babangida was not willing to annul the election but his failure was leaving Abacha behind to continue in Interim government of Chief Shonekan. He should have retired him from the Army when he was stepping aside moreso when the ground commanders had no respect for him then. He could not have taken over from Chief Shonekan without the help of Gen. Diya then. This man should be honoured now when he is alive.

  2. I am surprised on the level. of incompetence and lack of courage of NEC chairman, by not announcing the winner of 1993 presidential election. Why did he attend the security meeting he wasn't invited. This is a high level of gullibility. He could have allowed them to stop him from conducting the election than to waste our resources without the courage to pronounce the winner and let the ruling class decide either to handover or not. No need buying the book. In the interview, chairman demonstrated a high of fear for his personal safety at the expenses of his fellow Nigerians. Take a critical review on the economic waste thereafter. My opinion. Christopher Ejem, founder IDEA for African Development (IFAD).

  3. It's now clear from these evelations from the Umpire of June 12,1993 presidential election in Nigeria that power tussle within the military ochestrated by the selfish ambition of Abacha that truncated that promising transition program.What is however left to be understood regarding the annulment is the role of the international community represented by the UN delegation that came to Nigeria ostensibly to make peace within the country then.That Abiola died barely minutes after their said departure from Nigeria aroused the curiousity of sane individuals across the globe.

  4. President Buhari did not get the chance to steal money in his previous military tenor, so he decided to tighten the economy in Nigeria, all in the pretends that he is fighting corruption; which has created the opportunity for him to deep his hands into the National treasury without being noticed. Hence he refused to declare his assets before his election into office – although, the truth will be evident when he leaves office and suddenly becomes wealthy, have in mind that he (Buhari) could not afford his election fees.

  5. Dis elderly statesman is making sense. Wish there were more intelligent knowled-
    geable elderly's lyk him who r truthful, cared more n rooting 4 younger Nigerians..
    Can't wait to buy/read ur book, It'd b money well spent
    God Bless u sir

  6. David mark,so he was one of the wicked people that annulled June 12,and trying to be relevant now so that we can forget all the atrocities he has committed,the man should be prosecuted ,bastard.

  7. The interviewer is not professional at all; he interjects at a point when the Prof. was about making informative points. he did it too often. Babangida shouted on me…..He never allowed us to know what follows!

  8. Professor Humphrey  Nwosu went  public after ten years of being the chairman of the Electorial commission that conducted the annulled the election of the June 12, 1993. Until the  Professor Humphrey wrote a book to sell that he came public and mentioned that he was threatened by the then national defence and military council. THAT WORD THREATENED DID NOT COME PUBLIC FROM THE PROFESSOR at that time. He needed to mention to the country that he was threatened at Abacha's guest house. " WHO ARE YOU, YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL DEFENCE AND MILITARY COUNCIL". Professor suppose at that time to mention that he was threatened when he wanted to announce the result of the June 12, 1993 election.   

  9. Professot Nwosu is correct in defending his gallant stand in handling the June 12 election but he was not party to the international pressures being put on Nigeria by the US., the UK and Europe to prevent Abiola from becoming President of Nigeria.. At the risk of annoying people I shall point out again that while it is no doubt true that IBB voided the June 12 election and precipitated a national emergency the truth behind that has never been fully understood by the Nigerian populace. The Nigerian military (David Mark, Aliyu Mohammed Gusau and others on the Council)  were adamant that the Babangida government should never allow Abiola to run for office. The basis for this was the information being circulated in Washington, London and Lagos of Abiola’s alleged ties to the international drugs business. The US, in particular, had expressed its strong opposition to Abiola as President; not because of his politics or allegations of corruption, but rather for the evidence they felt was correct and compelling about Abiola’s alleged drugs connections.

    This was raised in the Military Council on three occasions before the election.and Babangida was warned about allowing the election to proceed.  He refused to take a decision until it was almost too late. When he did, he precipitated the crisis of June 12. His friends in the military supported him in that decision but were appalled by IBB’s lack of decisiveness. The US Ambassador Lannon Walker and the British Ambassador were brought to Aso Rock and spoke directly to the Military Council.Then  IBB stopped the election; but his dithering made the impact worse.

    The NEC and Nwosu acted  correctly and followed the Constitutional mandate to the letter.. However, this decision to cancel the election was a political decision, not an electoral procedural problem. It was not an internal Nigerian problem but part of a much wider international crossroad for the country.

  10. I am happy Prof. Nwosu is alive. I am happy that this son of Igboland has shown what Igbos are made of. This man is and will always be a hero. As a Yorubaman, I voted on June 12, 1993 never expecting MKO Abiola to win. But he won. We were all so elated until the criminals running Nigeria from Babangida to Abacha, David Mark to Nyako decided to annul the election. Where is David Mark today? Where is Babangida today and their co-collaborator Obasanjo? Nigeria will not see progress and advance until these criminals are jailed and made to pay for their crimes. Thank you once again, Prof. Nwosu.

  11. David Mark is enjoying the dividend of Democracy but he was an enemy of democracy, his ambition now is to become head of state, he  killed NITEL  during his tenure as minister for communication. The good Nigerians has no respect for that man who benefited endlessly from dividend of democracy from his childhood, joined Nigerian Army at a very tender age of 16 years but denied others from attaining their potential. He is anti people, anti democracy and kleptomaniac. History will not forget their wickedness.

  12. The trademark rudeness of Sowore is missing in this interview, maybe because the professor did not take offense at the initial confrontation at the public forum. An yet, what a poor interviewer Sowore has proved to be: possessed by his ideological obsessions, he could not even pose the all-important question of what the prof thinks were his mistakes, what he might do differently if given another opportunity, and what could have been done better. I think that Nwosu  succeeded in channeling himself using Sahara Reporters. The interview was a wasted opportunity for a scoop.


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