How to survive on Nigeria's Minimum Wage of $50 a month

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  1. I wish I knew these ppl instead of my ex that I was sending 80k+ every Friday, until we broke up…. she only wasted it on hair, bag, nails, weed, and clubbing ๐Ÿ™ƒ hmmm someoneโ€™s weekly salary at 20 … we broke up a year ago tho so Iโ€™m sure she has depleted the funds by now; I hope sheโ€™s doing well tho ๐Ÿคฃ no seriously tho, this is hard to watch that ppl will settle for less than that for their monthly salary ๐Ÿ˜”

  2. If you make only minimum wage don't live in Lagos or Abuja!!! go to owerri, or ibadan or borno

    Nobody in America that makes minimum wage lives in California or New york, they live in alabama.

  3. Minimum wage isn't a way to solve poverty though. It only creates unemployement. The best way to lift people out of poverty is to create a good environment for businesses to pop up and flourish.

  4. For China Africa and India it's very very simple birth control stop having children when you cant aford it stop blaming the world for there problems stop voting for socialistic governments south Africa about to be a failed state stealing land from people that does not belong to them murder of white people as that is racist there not responsible for what happened 100 years ago and if this happens no aid no help especially from my government

  5. Tell me how the society would not corrupt if the heartless government paid 18000 naira per month as salary. The person @ 10:07 spoke the truth, well said bro. Further to that, he (buhari) was sponsored on corrupt money.

  6. Tithe? why the hell are you paying that if you're poor? To hell with that! give charity to the poor if you can afford it, else fuck that shit.

  7. If someone called me from Nigeria and asked me to send them a $10 bill or a $5 bill I would do that happily. But don't call me or send me letters about how your prince or princess Widow and he died and you need to put your millions of dollars into a bank in the west so I need to take and pay you something to put those millions of dollars into my bank it's not going to work! Stop scamming people and just call nicely and tell them how poor you and your country are and asked if they could send you a few dollars in the mail. More people would help you out because what you're doing is making old people and people who don't understand as poor as you are! People also need to stop having so many children there because you can't feed them is not enough work food or money for the people who are already there don't make new ones! As much as you want to don't have children if you can't afford it nobody can even here in America. I can tell at least one of those ladies is working the street and I don't judge her because Nigeria is an extremely poor country and people in America don't understand when they get scam calls that someone is trying to feed their family. Americans love to say get a job! Well what do you do when there are no jobs?! America you're better than that and I know many many of us would help out if we could send a $5 bill to somebody's address and not be told in the laboratory that we're going to be millionaires because we don't believe the story anymore so you're just wasting your money trying to call us! I only make $943 a month on SSDI and if I'm willing to help with a 5 or $10 bill I know that there are more Americans who would want to help because the vast majority of poor Nigerians haven't scammed anybody!

  8. Naija Govt,can you see the reason why our people are dying on the Mediterranean Sea. Our leaders have lost their human feelings. I doubt if blood still run in their veins. 18k in naija of today is a crime against humanity.

    Fela said it all. Dem bring sorrow,tears and blood.Dem regular trade mark. Suicide rate is on the highest level in the country. A country that was once rated as the happiest on earth.

    I beg all Naija youths in the name of God, vote Sowore. Let's just give him a try. We have nothing to lose. At least we've tried our elders and they have failed us.


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