I Have Bad NEWS and Reasons I have Not Uploaded For Long Now

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  1. Oh too bad bro. but I believe everything will settle. Handsome face abeg we have to see you this time now πŸ˜„πŸ˜. Lily Mutamz shared your video. Great work on your channel! Just subbed

  2. Hello Ejimozy, it's well. You will bounce back. I just subscribe to your channel.
    Please everyone, also support me by SUBSCRIBING to my channel. I'm looking for a 1000 subscribers. Just started my channel. Thanks and God bless.

  3. your accent is fine, but the ugly face, well, what can u do ….. i dony show my face on my channel and i use slides but the thing is i only do voice overs no music and i tend not to use other people's clips too often …. good luck man … though ur channel is bigger than mine by far sha …. u r doing a good job … thumbs up man!

  4. I'm a small Youtuber and I feel for you bro..too bad. You are one Youtuber I look up to, my monetization was turned down lately due to this copyright claim too. Guys, please subscribe to my channel too, I do have great contents.

  5. It's normal, so many challenges in life,, you're already an inspiration to so many YouTuber,, anybody that will want to disable my monetization in future,, wire go shock im hand. Stay smart Ejimozy


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