I Ran For APC Presidential Ticket To Ground My Igbo People In the Party – Rochas Okorocha

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  1. OKOROCHA, YOU ARE SHOWING YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT DOING THINGS RIGHT.  APC is the party to join where change will genuinely take place.  It's time for change.  APC!!!!

  2. Rochas…I used to admire you a lot even before you became a governor. I know you are ambitious, but you betrayed the Imo people that voted for you by dumping APGA…I bet you, you cant return to govt house, Owerri, despite your rescure operation…That office will be occupied by Captain Iheanacho, come 2015.

  3. Mr Rochas Okorocha, speak for yourself and not for the Southeast. Your reason for stealing APGA's mandate to APC is that APGA will not guarantee Igbo presidency. We have all seen how your APC have guaranteed Igbo presidency.
    27 Million Naira of Imo State money for expression of interest form & presidential form has gone in drain. We all knew that APC leadership wanted GMB to be the party flag bearer. Tinubu has no respect for the Southeast, that is why he made sure that the Presidential flag bearer is from the north.

    Your GMB shall never win Presidential election in Nigeria because he killed democracy in Nigeria in 1983. 


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