If Real Madrid win El Clásico, Valverde could get sacked ► TFW

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  1. I stopped watching when u said Griezmann doesn't have defensive cover…. You clearly don't know what you are talking about. Came here to get 'educated' opinions. Please know what you are talking about before you talk about it, a lot of people watch this.

  2. Man United Need A Good Attacker..Thats Their Problem..No matter Who They Bring As Manager..Mourinho Is a good Coach…He did Best with that dumb united…But everyone Criticised Him!! Now United Are Suffering!💔..iam very sad To see United Like this..As Iam a Barca fan But as well as United Is also My fav team!😌💔

  3. reality is it may be zidane who can get sacked if real losses el classico badly as last year. Real has no strikers, no midfielders and lack of football by zidane. playing along flanks and making crosses wont work always. there is no one who takes run or present in the box. I m a madrid fan but i know the reality barca will lierally rape real again. sad Braca is too lethal griezmann ,messi and suarez has come in form.what real can do is do not loose too badly. concede only 1 or 2 goals. that wont be much humiliating.

  4. 10:20
    I think it's other way around
    He thought they will be shit and they can ship them somewhere but his new signing didn't settle well and bale started playing like beast so he has to play him more.
    But well whatever
    Looking forward to el classico

  5. I don't know why but
    Bundesliga doesn't excite me to watch it . And the reason you gave was spot on I also think without even watching that Bayern Munich will win so what is the reason to watch .

  6. Chelsea are playing fearless football
    They know even.if things go bad
    They can say we had ban and best player left .
    But they are performing good and
    Tottenham , Man U playing shit
    Makes them look even better

  7. One of the few pple to give Zizou props this season. That's appreciated, but still not fully confident in Madrid though, playing extremely under their potential, and not enough confidence.

  8. How can barca fans not give credit to valverde? When u guys lose u blame valverde and when u win u dont give valverde any credit dont forget the la ligas u guys won under him, any team just can't trash sevilla by 4 goals u gotta give credit to valverde, instead of only praising messi!


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