INTERVIEW: Attack on Ekweremadu was terrorism – Nigerian ambassador to Germany

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  1. You are a foolish man, old man. Dull brains. Rule of law my foot. Oponu ayeradarada. You old guards haven't seen anything yet. You will be beaten too..Your paymaster Buhari is a TERRORIST

  2. These people they so much love the word Terror, that is president he talks = Terrorism, Vice talk Terrorism!.
    You protest Terrorism, you sit for house terrorism. Chai we done suffer.

  3. « We believe in the rule of law »
    Lol 😂

    See what time it’s taking Tuggar to gesture and articulate the adjectives to arrive at the Nigerian government common cliché « TERRORISM »!

    Mr. Yusuf Tuggar, you do not need publicity to do that because we already know the word and it’s applicability!

    Mr. Yusuf Tuggar, Germany 🇩🇪 is not Nigéria 🇳🇬
    Mr. Yusuf Tuggar, what is peaceful in Germany is terrorism in Nigeria; can’t you see that?

    It’s all about Ike Ekweremmadu; not about Nigerians. Stop the futile effort to attract sympathy! Stop the lies! You sound too educated for that!

    Biafrans have their clear objectives and no amount of lies you create will ever change our resolve!

    Ike Ekweremmadu did not go to Nuremberg for official function but for a New Yam Festival! IGBO NEW YAM FESTIVAL!!! Stretch your brain a little please!


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