Is education the key to success?

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  1. Education is very important indeed and, that is irrespective of where one lives in the World. Most educated people tend to make better choices resulting in better harvests for their personal lives and economies of their countries. A properly trained individual have enough skills to create his or her own jobs as a post graduate instead of waiting around for one.

  2. Wisdom..
    How many people in the street begging and have a degree..
    How many illiterate who are rich by applying their wisdom.
    If you lack of wisdom you lack of everything.
    This world education they call road to sucess is madness to me, success it's about time and circumstance.

  3. Mark Twain said it best: "I never allow my schooling to get in the way of my education".Think about that concept for a second and it encapsulates all you need to know about education…..Listen to these clowns trying to define education as outlined by the white Europeans.Francophone VS Anglophone..????

  4. I agree with the gentleman @ 2:20-2.43 – Richard Branson comes to mind on the basis that he was Dyslexic and  I don't (think) he went further than secondary education.  In this current age, education past secondary school I don't believe is compulsory especially when there are different types of learning styles that are now recognised which will enable one to progress in life.  Omo go to school at least until you complete secondary years..

  5. the two main words of the question aren't clearly defined. what is education. what is success. going to school is a form of educating yourself. learning a skill from experience and practice is also a form of education. I'm assuming success is making money. if that's the case, education of any form( whether through school or not) is imperative to succeed. schooling is necessary for some things and not for others.

  6. I don't know why us black peoples never talk about investment to me I believe investing will lead to success however I do believe some level of education is essential but black peoples need to invest you can go to school get a good job what you do with the money is what matters

  7. Who education EPP, oboi innson is illitarete, but he is a billionaire, even UBA bank is owning him billions of naira, name them, almost Nigeria billionaires are all illitaretes, even the politicians are all illitaretes, they use money to buy their certificate.

  8. SINCERELY EDUCATION IS THE KEY!!!U hear people saying "but bla bla made it, and he didn't graduate"Well maybe that's true BUT Without EDUCATION one can not hold onto a business,maybe u made it without an . EDUCATION but I'm certain u will not KEEP IT whilst uneducated.PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THE FACT THAT EDUCATION IS PARAMOUNT .

  9. Education is very useful but not the key of success. Wisdom is the key of success. With wisdom you can achieve your goals. Education without wisdom is nothing. Wisdom is very important

  10. Former education will make you a living self education will make you a fortune . You need former education(college) if you would like to work for someone else. You need self education to run your own business.

  11. I really think both education and skills are equally important in this day and age. However what is extremely more critical is your promise as human beings initially. This life a journey that must end sooner or later. As long as you are a human, you have made the promise to worship your supreme deity. Now let's ask ourselves how many parents initiate or even instill this aspects of life in their children. Don't get me wrong at all because at end of each of us journeys we have two angels asking us questions. They are not after our wealth or how many children we have. However it is our initial promises they would ask us. Well, no one wants to fail. It is my hope to start instilling this concrete aspects of life in our children. We say life is about fulfilling our purposes. Right? Number one is the priority worship your creator and do good to your both parents and all else. At the end of my own journey, I wanted to look back and be able to say I left the better than I found it. Meaning I fulfilled my purposes in life and I left a legacy. As always may peace be to each and every one of us including animals and plants kingdoms alike! Life is truly a marvel indeed!

  12. Success is if you offer something that many people appreciate (and they pay you for it). It is the same mechanism of thumbs up ("likes") to the YouTube videos. You can offer many different things: your goods, your skill, your knowledge, your culture, your body, your beauty, your friendship, etc. So, not necessarily you must be educated in order to be able to offer something that people appreciate and pay for it… In Italy there is a very rich Businessman who owns a sucessfull Food Company. He is very rich and famous although he stopped attending School at the age of 11.

  13. Remember that Rolls & Royce(rollsroyce Motors) didn't have degrees, and many German engineers do not have degrees either.
    Thus; it all depends on how you see it or to what extent you define education.

  14. Both are important oo! With skills, it is the foundation that can help you survive day to day. Many post graduate are not getting employment because they don’t have skills or work experience. Also, education is the key to advancing but it depends on the type of education. If the education system is poor, if the curriculum does not allow you to advance then regardless how much you sabi you no go advance at all. This colonial education that West Africa inherited is very damaging and really needs to be updated to include what is relevant to now. Education also needs to be more radical in empowering you people to innovate and be visionaries and not just docile, narrow-minded employees


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