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  1. Nigeria Police una dey hear? You need to build confidence in Nigerians so they can report crimes. You guys have a history of making scapegoats of Nigerians and turning honest, well-meaning Nigerians into victims of what they may nothing about. You need to wean yourselves of corruption. It's become part of your DNA.

  2. Nigeria no human right, this TV channels will just go just take cameras to police station and making videos of people who are only suspects at the momemt, not convicted yet. that's really terrible ,what if later they are vindicated and found innocent what will this TV channels do ?after showing their faces all over the world. smh.🤔

  3. Shoot all these boys dead na, what are you waiting for. Armed robbery and kidnappers, ritualist should receive instant death sentence on the spot… That is the only language this boys understand death immediately by firing squad

  4. See Igodomigodo men all jobless because of lack of jobs then I asked myself the jobs we have who are the people occupying them making our men to commit crimes.
    Listen good you selfish traditional rulers, politicians and all demons in humans clothing we’re coming for you sons of a bitch gone are those days you steal and full your ugly stomach the youths are coming for you bastards your family will all suffer the consequences of your idiotic actions wait and see.

  5. Don’t judge a book 📖 by its cover, because his face strong no mean sey na criminal, in Nigeria when you report a crime you must be held responsible for that crime so why going to report my people open your eyes 👀.

  6. My brother if someone that is older than you and an armed robber you must keep the bag 💼 he give you because you know he can kill you.
    Is easy for you to sit down for your comfort zone and talk.

  7. My big father akodogha May god almighty bless u and your family what u just said is truth because our Nigeria police day do not respect the reporters in Nigeria and that is why people are afraid to tell the police the truth


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