Jonathan Is A "Gone-r" -Rotimi Amaechi; Shows Off Shoki Dance with Davido

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  1. my People Democracy dont exist ,its a Farce,and i m not talkin about currupt nigerian politicians blabla,your vote dont Count its a movie,These guys are simply actors playing their role,my People wake up,boko haram dont exist either wake up.

  2. I think Amaechi has proven that he is a man. He is not like some others who go back to the president to kiss his feet. One of the reasons the PDP has problems with this election is because one of their allies has chosen a better path for the Nigerian people. And from the look of things, Buhari might just emerge victorious. I want the best for Nigeria, not scandal, not corruption, not I will do mentality. I want results. Nigerians have suffered enough. We need change. Period.

  3. Seriously speaking Amaechi would do better for the country than Goodluck Johnathan.  Amaechi wants the best becasue he can produce it …but not under Goodluck Johnathan.  So let Johnathan go and APC in…


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