Keeping It Real With Adeola -158 (Paid Chatham House Anti-Buhari Protesters Busted!)

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  1. Well done adeola… Just keep it real. I like all the information I hear from you.The truth is always bitter so I don't expect everyone to like what you are going but my dear, keep on..

  2. These Yoruba ShariaRepporters are no longer ashamed of making mockery of journalism! Rather than tell themselves the truth that their evil outcast Ape Obasanjo, the war criminal and dictator extraordinaire, remains the one to take responsibility for whatever he useless British colony is getting from Jonathan.
    Come to think of it, has any of these hypocrites Yoruba ever asked what Obasanjo did while in office as 'Minister' of Petroleum among other outrageous impunity not to mention tens of thousand that he directly ordered their extermination like in Odi, and other areas in Biafra land? No of course Yorubas are good at covering up the crimes of fellow Yoruba and find a way to blame them on others…
    Finally, they forget to mention the genesis of Boko Haram and the declaration full time Sharia in the 13 states of the North all under Obasanjo. It was the same Obasanjo that in 1976 registered 'Nigeria' as 'observing member' of  Organisation of Islamic Council (OIC), the terror group. These among other thing are the well calculated plot of Obasanjo to keep the people in perpetual bondage, but Yoruba media will never go their, because it favours them as the chaos and evil goes on under 'One evil Nigeria'….
    We don't care for Jonathan, Buhari or 'Nigeria' in any way, we are Biafrans!

  3. Dear Host, I want to say, I think you are looking at this one sided. I'm not Nigerian but I know politics is much full of propaganda …… The opposition leader himself can be the man behind the protest… Doing this to betray Goodluck…. making it seems as if Goodluck is the brain behind the protest. I'll advice u too to dick better before u go on air…. nice entertaining program though….

  4. good luck may not know it all but we Nigerians should know that the bad eggs is now in APC not PDP, anything can be done to prove that good luck is bad man. open ur eyes Nigerians and think well before you kill good luck.

  5. Sahara TV has really rubbished itself. How much did APC buy you for. I wonder what you will do when gEB wins. You has said nothing about Buhari's refusal to debate. Let him speak the English in Nigeria not in far away Chattam house. Shame on Sahara TV


  7. on the other hand, buhari could have paid the broadcaster to do the interview and interview a myopic and timid girl posing as a pdp supporter. Just thinking out loud!!! There is no point showing these videos in a lengthy manner on your show Adeola, feed me the usual pls, i'm starving!!!

  8. Perverted Deola. That thing you're saying is too big for your mouth o! Thumbs up!. And Batambuze, that's an honourable man. I feel he defended his wife's honour by taking revenge on the crocodile. Then my heartfelt condolences to Mr Victor.
        I don't discuss imbeciles anymore. Your President is too much a moral burden for my conscience. Aunty mi, jaye ori e. Boda Vikky nko?

  9. I will liking this PDP supporters to Judas Iscariot who betrayed His Lord Jesus Christ because of money that never lives to eat it.. All you PDP members & supporters betraying your beloved country just because of money.. What a shame – shame on you PDP & all your supporters!!!!!

  10. What amazes me here, is the level of ignorance, stupidity, selfishness and most of all tribalism that happens here. A lot of people HATE this show and the channel yet, they can't stop watching Saharatv or Keeping it real. 
    I find these bunch of people extremely REPULSIVE AND REPUGNANT.  

  11. When I watched a video a few days ago, showing protesters who did not know what they were protesting about, I asked myself, how can APC and Sahara reporters be this stupid.
    So you guys expect sane thinking individuals to believe that a person will go out to protest without actually knowing what he or she is actually protesting about.
    Let me ask you guys, Is it difficult to print hand bill and share to would be protesters so that they will at least know what the issues are before going to the streets to protest.
    For goodness seek, this is current affairs and not physics or mathematics.
    I believe that all those saying that they do not know why thy were protesting were simply paid by APC to join the protest, so as to act the little script/scene we watched.
    Also I watched the full protest on Channels TV and I also saw many Buhari supporters in the same location.
    Now tell me this, how difficult is it to act out this useless deceitful script that APC and Sahara reporters are trying to sell to us.
    All I can say is, try again, cos you guys failed to convince anyone except already biased folks.

  12. God Bless you Adeola,you are a well groomed,rounded and grounded young woman wise beyond her years.I Love your Compassion,Truth,resilience,intelligence and patriotic ways,You make me proud am sure your family will be as well.Nigeria needs people like you,may God Almighty continue to Protect,Guide,Empower,Uplift and Bless you now and forevermore in JESUS Mighty name Amen.

  13. U know what battles me is people keep saying it was stage by the APC what the fuck is wrong with some of this uneducated Nigerians even when you hear a direct conversation with the Meet the idiot president organizers. Way to go Nigeria.Jonathan please jxt leave and go back home u are jxt too fake of a president


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