Keeping It Real With Adeola -161 (Why You Should Vote For Jonathan)

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  1. Adeola, please do you have any information about what is going on with the election result. These votes has already been counted. Na to add votes dey take days. Abeg tell Jega make he send the result make I add for am, calculator no dey market again. Na wa oh.

  2. Adeola fayehun: lol…Na real baami edakun e mo binu
    U such an amazing star that won't fall lailai

    I'm sure Nigerians has decided either to #votecontinuity or #voteforchange

    I really wish ppl in diaspora can vote. If possible ni, I knw well dat gej won't run much campaign in naija at all….Na we for vote sensibly pass.

    All d same , let's pray for peace

  3. i thought you are a presenter not a campaigner, you are not meant to support or condemn  both parties on air. this video is just trying to paint Buhari black, i think you should try to be balanced. and you also said people have to vote for Jonathan, ok i want to ask you why shouldn't people vote for Buhari??

  4. Adeola, No segment on Ethiopia and Mugabe. I am missing the news from the whole continent. Great show as always. Let Nigerian elections pass so we all watch keeping it real Africa.

  5. I feel sorry for those of you abusing sahara reporters….Only people with brain know that these guys are the realest reporters out there….Adeola keep doing your thing…you are a voice of hope for a lot of people!!!God bless you jare:)

  6. It's been long I watched this show, since returning to Nigeria, but the title "Adeola campaigns for President Jonathan" makes it a must watch (data tariff and slow link notwithstanding). Well, the link cooperated, I enjoyed every bit of the show. Keep it up.

  7. Politicians are just funny sometimes, Goodluck Jonathan have been quite and not doing anything abt Boko Haram, now that its election time its when his government starts fighting Boko Haram as a campaigning tool…God is watching….

  8. Jonathan loosing the election will certainly spell doom for your journalism career, i pray he wins so you will keep your job. people like you can't make a minor impact in leadership…..keep up your good work


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