Keeping It Real With Adeola -175 (Saraki's Wife Storms EFCC With 5 Senators & 20 Reps)

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  1. Today's show is full of fake news in it. Was this man not arrested long time. Why are they getting it now. Nigeria is fraud. Everything going on now under Buhari is fraud. If they can hit anyone with stupid allegations, expect anything.

  2. It is only the few individuals who are opportune to be in corridors of power, that go go to foreign hospitals at the expenses of the masses. Adeola, you are bold, intelligent and objective. Thank you, for show-casing Nigeria in all facets of life

  3. I guess you made this video when you guys were on BUHARI'S payroll. You all got kicked out and your boss couldn't stop being delusional , having come so close to the paymasters before being kicked out ,he decided to contest in the presidential election
    . ya'll are bunch of jokers.

  4. Obama goes to where he will be tolerated. He doesn't know Jack about African history or their governments. He has no clue on how to help Africa and please let no country in Africa ever give him the chance bcos he did not help them when he was in power neith did he help blacks in issues they expected him to. Obama is just like a camelion. Let him try to meddle with Kenya as they say that Charity begins at home. Let me see how he would be received or what he would be telling them: not to even speak of other African countries.

  5. Please let Mmadam Madueke go to John Chi or to TB Joshua and get healed. If she can't go to Africa, let her send for any of the true prophets to go and heal her for Christ's sake. Whatever she took iis not to be compared with what Buhari stole. Or what Buhari's wife and children has stashed away in different countries. What about other Hausas in politics, the Cabals and other Yoyo Yorubas following after them in support of their thefts?

  6. Where was EFCC since when Saraki was still in APC ? These are all still work of Adam's Oshiomhole and Buhari. EFCC should start from Adam's Oshiomhole bcos he sunk edo state when he was a governor. EFCC should go and access his house in iyamho village after Auchi. U won't believe that is built in Nigeria. All pdp and apc are criminals. Vote for AAC ! VOTE SOWORE OMOYELE

  7. All the old caba should be arrested and jail for destroying that woman that is sick.please Nigerians let be truthful to ourselves, and ask ourselves questions. How many souls that has been caught short because of all the money they stole.This is not a funny matter, we must fight for a true President to emerge in 2019 who can bring all this people to book..


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