Keeping It Real With Adeola – Episode 102 (Iyabo Obasanjo's Letter)

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  1. Adeola You Know You Should Venture Into Acting When You Are Done With Broadcasting Which Happens To B Your First Love You Did A Feature On Bukola Saraki Re Panama Was Hilarious In That Clip I Saw An Actress In Action Continue Keeping It Real We Bgadun Your Show You Bring Humor While Addressing The Real Issue That Seemingly Never Ends.

  2. One of reasons African fights each other is due to differences in language barrier that one tribe doesn't understand what other tribes language saying. Communication among other ethnic groups is impossible to settle a simple issues or disagreement on subject matters. One ethnic group can only communicate among its people; they can't negotiate, friend, even talk accord for peaceful purposes with their neighbors. That causes mayhem all the time.

  3. Im from america born and raised in san francisco, ca. Im an african american and somewhat blind to whats going on in the world. This channel has really enlightened me. I pray ūüôŹ for change in africa which is a beautiful country. I can't believe of what I hear and couldn't imagine going thru it in my country. 1 luv adeola

  4. All this so called African leaders are so pathetic they love life abroad whereby denying its citizens their basic human rights. Time to wake up Africans, "Rise up" and take back what belongs to u . it's time to chase out all this political harlots, thieves & rapists .

  5. New Sub! preach girl! i'm dizzy!!! Looooovvvvvveeeee this! pls keep keeping it real! I had to watched 2/3 of your show at a sitting before I could sub! Now won't be able to get enough of you! ^_^

  6. Wow!!!!!! You're awesome!!! I actually have tears in my eyes listening to you. Am proud of you! Have written my article about Nigeria from here, I'd have to put my ears down for more info about Nigeria. I want a better Nigeria, it hurts when those leaders come here and see a system but fail to copy it right. It's time for Nigerians to stand up

  7. keep the truth ON, only few people have Guts like u,love your style, i condemn the letter Iyabo wrote to her father against many people who called me stupid, today they agree with me. The name ' OBANSANJO" is a meal Ticket in West-Africa. 

  8. Adeola, it gives me great joy to listen and watch your work. I can tell you, personally from experience that we as Africans have a very long way to go. By the work you do and the message you send, hope is still in the air. Mr. President (GEJ) don't take a this as criticism but from a Nigerian who cares. Please go down in history as a leader who made a difference and not follow the path of the past. Not only Nigerians now carry a bad name overseas, but our leaders are mentioned in that regard tenfold. Remember you can make a difference, if not one day the great people of Nigeria will do so. p.s Football is not enough we are 178,000,000 people, fight for us and you will go down as the best leader we have ever produced, don't care for us and you remain in the archives with the rest. God Bless you and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  9. Adeola, this presentation burns in my heart. The revelation of these atrocities of our African leaders is disheartening! Please, lets intensify our prayers to God for deliverance from our slave-masters. God, by His mighty hands delivered Isreal from Egypt, I believe He will deliver us too, if we can sincerely call on Him). Adeola, I trust you're also praying too. We need it from all quarters. 

  10. hey adeola if you are short of real talks, its  better you close your widely rotten mouth and stop talking shyt about Mugabe and stop acting like some stupid proud slave. idiot.

  11. a country spends money on celebs because they are marketing her to the world. stop all this reactionary salivation. I guess you need capacity to understand the celebrity ripple effect

  12. madam Adeola,may God Bless you with more wisdom and strenth to carry it making an apeal to you to check us out in South America, at least you tour round the Globe kindly check out how Nigerians leaves in the other part of the World especially BRAZIL who is Holding the next World Cup.less I forget I like your dancing……..keep it on lol.

  13. Right ON!!!!! B Bless Princess Adeola. Aluta continua, one day Africa will get leaders who are proud to be African. Hope  I will be there to witness the freedom of my people.I know though,that day is a long way away.


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