Keeping It Real With Adeola – Episode 127 (Ekiti Governorship Election #EkitiDecides)

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  1. Adeola, may you be raped by 12 mad men if you think rapists should not be beheaded. If a thief can be beheaded in some countries like those int he middle east, why cant they do the same in zimbabwe? Africans will never see anything good in their own countries, shameless Girl.

  2. Adeola, please can you investigate and check on Pastor David Manning videos on YouTube to play on this Channel for these tiff tiff African leaders to watch. Manning says if there is one thing that Black people lack is the ability to understand the world and lack leadership skills. That has been the bane of our troubles. Thanks for an interesting show as usual.

  3. Adeola, you are persisting in thinking the US can't play soccer, that is history. They have moved on. They have shown that they can easily deal with Ghana and Nigeria on the field. Face it, the US have left us behind on this.
    Why did you leave out Algeria (North Africa), and refer to Kenya and Zimbabwe who did not qualify?
    Why does Nigeria persist in needlessly sending over-bloated delegations to these events? No doubt these officials will have their expenses paid for by the government. I think we are slow learners or just plain dumb.

  4. …sad to say that i have really lost hope in Nigeria and Nigerians. I don't care about the Nigeria corrupt government or the Opposition as they are the same. I don't give a damn anymore! ….next….

  5. nobody was kidnapped in chibok, it was all planned by the northern leaders to get on Jonathan. why is it that the girls keep escaping? let all of them escape at the same time. the girls are in borno governors house.

  6. It's not only happening in your country. …in my country the ruling party share laptop computers to every home during their election rallies and they install wifi hotspots in many areas for people who do not have wifi at home. They claim it's to educate the nation. They claim each laptop cost a ridiculous high price which they bought from china. My country is Guyana and the people in power are vicious hindu greedy thieves.


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