Keeping It Real With Adeola: Episode 142(Election 2015 Atiku, Buhari, Jonathan, In-depth Analysis)

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  1. the level of individual corruption in nigeria is so bad that people actually believe she was paid to do this……..the only reasons fools think that way is because they are expressing their inner potential and personal integrity which is obviously in a state of dismay .. i just pray nigerians would wake up and see the reality that surrounds them otherwise there is no reason GEJ should get even a single vote ….improving the lives of just 5% is very insignificant and a lousy job, there is much to be done and it is obvious who can at least move nigeria at least to the par of economic prosperity….. think about it and don't cast votes because or religious preference or because one pays you off that is when you know that that person has a hidden agenda …..please wake up nigerians time is running out 

  2. I enjoy this program.  Especially this one.  Very fair and objective.  If more Nigerians would approach politics with her mindset, Nigeria would not be the butt of international jokes!

  3. I just wanted to say I hate her shows yeah its her personality but she's loud and talks too much like Nigerian films. And her voice makes it worse. But what can I say… She is grounded in her roots

  4. Ole Lagos keep your small thimg real oh!. Abeg change your mind set or I will send an emergency husband from Boko haram boys. I know you will like it as they are hard boys. They are not smelling shit lol

  5. You lie that Buhari built 4 refineries. Go check your facts again on his version of discipline. Please tell the truth. People queue now without being force. Traffic rules are respected now and that's credit to the law.

  6. Adeola you are a political OLE, alongside your Buhari. the same man that killed Nigerian economy. before buhari became head of state, one pound = one naira, our money was stronger than dollars. buhari devalued our currency because of his fraudlent tendencies, hoping to bring it back when he has finished his selfish plot with his foreign allies, who had selfish interest in nigeria then. westerners sponsored buhari's military coup with the agenda to kill our strong economy and guess what they succeded then, because since then graduates find it difficult to get job. do your research adeola, during shagari's tenure as head of state, primary sch certificate holders gets job in nigeria. then secondary school certificate were hot cake, talk of been a university graduate, but buhari changed all this things when he became head of state & since then nigeria has never recovered. same westerners has seen that nigeria as a nation has started making progress and will soon come out of the mess they caused in nigeria through buhari, what did they do? the started sponsoring boko, with sophisticated weapon to hamper nigeria progress till date. Adeola, buhari and his foreign allies can do any thing to come in power in nigeria. lets call them desparados , but you know what, we are wise now. adeola dont be decieved because buhari has linked with tinibu/ APC, and you think he has yoruba interest at heart; what a shame. one obasanjo is better than one million buhari, because the devil that ruled many years and caused less harm is better than the devil that ruled under two years and caused nigerians hardship, poverty, death and much suffering. buhari is 71 and should go away from contesting in any nigeria political position, like ibb, obasanjo and others has done. young men and woman should be giving the opportunity to step into this positions and bring the much need positive change in nigeria. IS A SHAME THAt A YOUNG GIRL LIKE YOU ( Adeola) came online to indirectly campaign for your great grand dad mate, buhari( who is over 71yrs old). many young stars are capable of ruling and bring the much need change in nigeria. Your buhari came to seen in nigeria before his 30th birthday. what happened to capable nigerians that are of a similar age now? people like buhari and you (adeola) dont want to give them opportunity to change our country for good. Adeola you should be really ashamed of yourself, cos you are a disgrace to nigerian youth. finally be informed that buhari 71yrs old man will never rule nigeria again, even if he joins PDP, APC OR any other party.

  7. i dont think u got work to do, u and ur APC should go and seat down….and ur facts are wrong so before u open ur mouth try and get ur facts right…..and to bring to ur notice Goodluck Jonathan assumed office on may 6th 2010, he spent some months in office to complete late YAR'DUA 's tenure and in 2011 he contested and was elected president of the federal republic of Nigeria, and currently his serving his first term in office, and his four years is not completed.

    So i dont know where u got facts the he completed Yar'dua's two years, From May 6th 2010 to 29th May 2011 when he was sworn in, and dont know why is Two years in ur eyes….Thats how u guys go about carrying fake rumors and propaganda.. deceiving people….big fool like u.

    go get work   

  8. I just couldn't understand why people are still opining sentimentally. Have Obasanjo and Umaru 'yar Adua suffered some critisms of this level? We all know that this man (GEJ) is not doing well, He also knows it himself that he's not doing well, why the need for his re-election? Was born to destroy Nigeria? If he really wants to save Nigeria, he should kindly give some other people a chance. Why would he for God sake deny anybody the chance to contest in PDP except himself? How can you expect a credible leadership from a person of such character? 
     May God SaveNigeria!!!

  9. It amazed me that youth like cannot see thing right because of Religion and Tribal differnces. Is high time we put Nigeria first, seat back and ask yourself or make reaserch about what Adeola said about Buhari whether is true or not.

  10. I think this lady is sick, you were paid by APC to come here to deliver stupid and nasty critic about Jonathan.shame on you. Ugly  Yoruba Girl.GEJ 2015/19 wether you people like it or not.

  11. you Nigerians are incurably stupid !!! this is a very  honest  report .. but your ignorance and lack of common sense( which is beyond understanding ) will not let you see it . No manner of prayers will save that nation if  the comments here are a reflection of  what Nigerians think.  DO some fucking research on the facts(not rumors or accusations) before commenting please .

  12. We will make Nigeria ungovernable, who actually made that statement?

    It was said by a PDP politician, Alhaji Lawal Kaita. He actually said Nigeria would be ungovernable if Jonathan became president in 2011. Alhaji Lawal Kaita is still a PDP member and still wax strong in PDP. Presently he was appointed a member of reconciliation committee setup by PDP. Don't be deceived, I have never at any occasion made such statement.


    1. Major General Muhammadu Buhari never said he will make Nigeria ungovernable in 2011 in any format.

    2. It was a PDP politician, Alhaji Lawal Kaita who actually said Nigeria would be ungovernable if Jonathan became president in 2011. [Still a PDP G'master]

    3. It was Jonathan’s media spokesman, Reuben Abati who sat down and largely concocted the slanderous libel against Buhari’s name in April 2011.

    4. General Muhammadu Buhari took Reuben Abati to court for damaging his name.

    5. The Jonathan Presidency begged Major General Buhari to settle the case with Reuben Abati and the Guardian Newspaper out of court.

    6. General Buhari obliged and settled out of court. Reuben Abati with The Guardian Newspaper published an unreserved apology to Gen. Buhari in the Guardian of 11th July, 2013.

    7. Late General Azazi referred to the PDP “ungovernable” crises and anger that did actually lead to Boko Haram terror franchise hired by the PDP. Azazi said, Boko Haram is a creation of the PDP.

    *****Please Share*******

  13. I found this for you.

    Under the Buhari/Idiagbon regime, once you ended up at 15 Awolowo Road, you may never be heard of again. Decree Number 2 of 1984 empowered Tunde Idiagbon to arrest and detain anybody indefinitely without trial and without legal reprieve. After Buhari was overthrown, Mohammadu Gambo opened the prison doors of 15 Awolowo Road on public television, revealing people in various stages of undress and malnutrition that had been kept in the dungeons without trial by Buhari’s hound-dogs.

    As self-imposed Head of State, Buhari had no regard for human rights. Immediately he seized power, he announced that he would “tamper with” the press. Soon, the infamous Decree Number 4 was promulgated which made even the publication of the truth a punishable offence. Under this cover, Buhari jailed innocent journalists, including Tunde Thompson and Nduka Irabo. He abolished civil liberties, promulgated retroactive decrees enabling him to kill Nigerians through jungle justice, proscribed civil society organizations and professional groups and exercised “absolute” power

  14. Adeola, you secret has been revealed, you & your boyfriend Omoyele Sowore are under the payroll of All Progressive Congress (APC) – the main opposition party in Nigeria.
    When there is no bad news to report about Nigeria, you invent and fabricate one to show to your APC paymasters that you are really working and deserve to be paid.
    You have  been rewarded by APC with a mansion worth $5 million located in Atherton, California, United States


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