Keeping It Real With Adeola – Eps 149 (Buhari vs Jonathan)

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  1. Human beings can be so unassuming,Adeola is talking about immigration issues and somebody is complaining that she is taking much time on it.First of all it is her program that is not paid for by this individual and second of all if something is not relevant to somebody,that type of a person should just pass and  allow it to be the worries of the affected people.It is as simple as that.
    It is like somebody talking about flying a plane,I will just listen because I don't have a pilot license which of course don't make me a pilot.So why do I have to complain.

  2. It can be so annoying the way that some Nigerians talk about Buhari's school certificate.What has the ones with the degrees have been able to do,just embezzle money and act like educated illiterates.

  3. Buhari where is your certificateeeeeeeeeee. Advocate for an illiterate to be nigeria next president please show us certificate …………… Madam mrs analysis ask your Buhari to show his university degree ooooo abi na secondary school certificate shooooow ussss pleasssssssss………..

  4. terrible episode.. the worst you have done so far.. how many people do you think cares about american immigration and green card.. you now come across as one of those blind US lovers.. damn, you really disappointed me with more than 15mins talk of irrelevant issues.. next time pls spend less time on issues like that and maybe just provide a link for those interested in those such topics

  5. I must say Nigerian (some) are always looking the short way in life ,I have a few friends from Nigeria who are very good worker there is one that is always trying something illegal dealing in cars 

  6. Adeola APC propaganda machine, who told you that Buhari did not spend money on delegates to be voted for? We all knew, how the APC governors threw their weight and money behind Buhari to make sure that he was elected.

    APC primary was rigged in a systematic way, the leadership of APC internally skewed the election in favour of Buhari right from day one and it was actualised on the day of APC presidential primaries just to satisfy Nigerians that they held a free and fair primaries. Who is fooling who here?

    Tell me who in this life and in his rightful mind, would want to loose his 27.5 million naira expression of interest & presidential ticket just like that without giving a very tough political fight for his money. Please be wise, don't be deceived into believing that other aspirant just contested for fun sake and that their 27.5 million naira was worth nothing to them.

    Look at the other aspirants speeches after conceding defeat, their speeches were so beautiful and nice towards Buhari. Even Rochas Okorocha, in his own defeat speech, said that after it was declared that Buhari won the primaries, that he and the other presidential aspirants were discussing about the emergence of Buhari as the APC Presidential flag bearer as well deserved victory.

    That was a clear indication that, they all knew before hand that it was Buhari at the end of the day. One should ask this question, since it was Buhari at the end of the day, then why ditched out 27.5 million naira each just for presidential primary, they all knew that won't favour them.

    Buhari claims that he is not corrupt but his actions have proven that Buhari is indeed corrupt. Buhari told us that he hid not have money in his bank account, that his bank account was in the red and that he had a special deal with his bank manager who loaned him 27.5 million naira.

    Something must be wrong somewhere if Buhari could just walk into the bank and a 27.5 million naira was given to him just like that without guaranteed collateral covering that loan! If at all there was a collateral, how did that collateral come about? If that collateral was worth 27.5 million naira, how did he make that kind of money to put that collateral down for the 27.5 million naira?

    I don't want to write further but let me leave this simple question for you his supporters to ponder about and answer.

    What was that special deal that Buhari had with his bank manager that made it possible for him to obtain 27.5 million naira for the purchase of APC expression of interest & Presidential form in this present day Nigeria?

    During his time as illegal head of state, with his tough stance against corruption, we all know that without a doubt, if he found out that a particular bank manager loaned such a huge amount of money to someone who did not have money in his bank account, Buhari would have jailed that bank manager.

    I rest my case.

  7. Am not Nigerian, but I would love for Buhari, to win this presidential election. Africa, needs such kind of leaders, especially to an important country in the continent like Nigeria. Good show Adeola, keep it up.

  8. Adeola, I have a question for you whenever you make a call to Nigeria's leaders, you always mention that roads. electricity, hospitals need to be taken care of. Why do you always leave out water provision? It is not the norm for people in America or Europe to be walking around the streets with buckets on their heads, or bathing from buckets.  The provision of drinking water through taps and adequate sanitation is sorely lacking in Nigeria. Why do you ignore it, lack of hygiene in this department has lead to many deaths which are preventable. Is the reliable provision of drinking water not a necessity? Please don't ignore water.

  9. Endless Violence & instability , not to mention the country is near BROKE ..I hope Nigerians vote for Buhari , I think it's time to try something else . I just don't know if he has enough Bags of Rice ..

  10. Where can we vote?  i want to VOTE for that shamsudeen guy, man acting so silly-funny, man really funny. He getting my VOTE 

    Shamsudeen Hassan what your Facebook name let me VOTE for you 


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