Keeping It Real With Adeola – Eps 232 (Why The Change Must Begin With President Buhari & Senate)

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  1. I am sure you are using this platform to advertise yourself to men, you are thinking maybe someone might be interested to pick you up bcoz you are already out of the market i.e. U ARE VERY OLD. you don't criticise your people the way you do on to others and that's not professional. I am not for buhari or anybody but try to be a professional!

  2. This one of her greatest comments to date.She has the gift of comedy,a smart lady and just makes me laugh.And she is very witty.Adeola if you are single, I will marry you for your humour and intellect.Great gifts.

  3. When would we start to learn, all this so-called leaders never want anything good 4 us,  Nigerians n we continue to hail them while they enslave us. Reason y I admire African Americans so much, they'll not tolerate any nonsense from anybody. All dis politicians never want anybody to rise up against them hence parts of y they keep us in poverty n dat way we can continue to worship n hail them Barka dede abi na barika dende sef,. Adeola I love ur show so much cos u always speak d truth irrespective of tribes, positions etc u not afraid to call out any1, until Nigerians can learn to unite n call a spade a spade being honest like u n fight all evil at all cost w/o whining dat oh they probing or saying bad things against my ethnics/tribes so I must defend them at all cost.

  4. l would have been soooooooooooooooooo miserable and very sad if death does not exist. l feel so happy and joyful because death is a sure banker to every living thing. Myself, All world presidents, kings, queens, abortionists,ritualists, murderers, kidnappers, killers, armed robbers, evil doers,those in occultism,blood suckers, terrorists,witches and wizards,etc, whoever you may be. Those evil, shameless, wicked, self centered,corrupt, rogues, greedy and avarice, underworld, insensitive, destroyer,caterpillar, self appointed leaders that have led our country into the deep pit of hell, will all die. Death is a debt every human and non human animal must pay. On the maximum ,people spend a life span of about 120years after which they die or remain demented, dependent, or just exists as nuisance to those around them, as they are not comfortable at looking at such a nauseating and disgusting sight around them,and they finally die. Nigeria leaders will fill a very large proportion of space in hell. Because many are voluntarily applying for Hell Citizenship, the Hell Home Secretary, Mr Lucifer, has generously enlarged his heart to approve the hell passport to anyone who voluntarily asks for it. This has led to Isaiah 5:14 esp for the shameless,greedy, insensitive and wicked Nigerian leaders. 100 years of enjoyment here on earth and eternal home in hell. They have made a covenant with Lucifer. Time will tell. They must pay in full for all the pain they have caused the poor of our great nation,Nigeria.

  5. @AdeolaFayehun please continue to check these people ( Public Officers) because it appears they watch your show. PMB now have 2 jets up for sale……………Continue to keep it real and keep it up.

  6. It won't take anyone much time, to Know that Nigerian leaders are really greedy, and they really doing a very BAD job for that country, very very BAD job, really witchcraft job Indeed, as their hearts is very DARK so as their system is also very DARK and full of evil, And they keep Rewarding themselves and increasing their salaries For doing a very BAD Job for that Country, as the police is protecting them and guarding their houses 24/7, they keep looting and looting public Money's From that country, to go and Bank , in another mans Land, where, in their own Africa thinking ability, believe is safe for them to hide, encase there is war, a war which may have been generated as result of the stolen money, they will run to where is safer, like, in advance countries, where there is a rules of law, where there is equal right and justice, where there is constant electricity and water supply, Africa Corruption Leaders, knows nothing but corruption, and they will make you laugh until you started crying,, these Africa leaders are too Dangerous to live anywhere close to normal people, they are supposed to be kept million Kilometer miles away from us Humans,

  7. It is unfortunate that someone like Buhari is our President. A man who won the election with the slogan of change, but has so far refused to change. Instead he wants Nigerians to Change. I wonder whether Buhari really understands the meaning of Change. Adeola you are doing a wonderful job exposing the ignorance of our so-called leaders. There may be some truth that the Black race is actually a cursed race. Whether in America, Sudan, Africa or anywhere, they lack any sense of progress and advancement. Show me any other country or race in the world where these are happening. Democracy was never designed for the black man, and we are not matured or qualified to govern ourselves. Both the governed and the governors need brain surgery and new orientation. The best thing for Nigeria now, nay Africa in general is to invite the west to come and govern or colonize us again for the next 100-200 years. As hard as that may sound, it is the best option for us. I do not foresee any capable leader in our country in the next 75 years. It is unfortunate to be a Nigerian. Never expect anything good from our so-called leaders, lest you will be grossly disappointed.

  8. Adeola they don't get it and they never will that is really sad.have been done with that country a long time ago.. Keep doing your reports hopefully they will listen


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